Posted by: miilee | September 10, 2009

Hello There!

I think I must warn people reading my blog. I talk a lot. I mean it.. A LOT! Sometimes it makes sense. Sometimes.

But most of the times, I find myself yearning to express random thoughts that come to me. Funny thoughts, serious ones, sensible ones and totally confused ones too. None of them earth shatering but all of them genuine. There are times when I come across a creative block but most of the time, I can be quiet vociferous.

I hope I can write regularly and I hope people like what I write. Though my thoughts are never too severe, I do have a tendency of becoming polemical at times. At such times,  (and even others) I welcome comments. I am not critical of critics  and would love to know the flip side of the coin whenever I am to partisan.

Having said this, I would now like to declare my blog open!


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