Posted by: miilee | September 17, 2009

My Messenger…

Into the bag by my side,
my blood it flows steadily.
On its way to save a soul,
leaving my veins readily.

To my blood as it dances away,
softly I murmur a plea.
“Go now, and prove your worth,
of great use to some one you may be.

Go and rescue some poor soul,
flow in veins other than mine.
When someone has lost faith,
you flow with the hope divine.

Yet as you leave on your mission,
remember to take with you,
all those things i am proud to possess,
Love, Joy, Courage and Sensitivity too.

Fill your new home to the brim,
with a love eternal and pure.
Warm that heart when it gets cold,
make those quaking steps feel secure.

Dance in their heart, unabashed,
with life’s warmth and bliss.
Lift their spirit when they feel low,
in a cold winter, be Spring’s kiss.

Don’t forget, on your long journey,
that you are compelled to teach,
how to love beyond barriers,
how distant hearts to reach.

Go now, and run to the aid
of a soul that needs you the most.
Go and spread my word of love,
before it is forgotten or lost.

Go now, with my eternal love,
I believe in its sacred might.
I know the world lies in hate’s clutches…
Go now, and join the fight…



  1. Wow….Amazing! Awesome!
    Should be printed on a blood bank’s pamphlet…good work.

    • feel free to share it if u want… 🙂

      • yea…I’ll for sure 🙂

  2. Wow Gr8….Simply superb…hats off
    Keep it up

    • thanks 🙂 hope you’ve subscribed to my blog…. will be updating it soon…

  3. is that your ‘helping hand’????

    • lol..!! No… just got it off the net… but wish i’d gotten someone to take a pic of mine when i was donating then… have been donating blood ever since.. my arm is all pockmarked 😉 (Kiddin)

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