Posted by: miilee | September 18, 2009

The Surprise Visit…

There aren’t too many people who are capable of surprising me. Those who attempt to ‘surprise’ me are either more or less predictable or are people who end up shocking instead of surprising me. But there is just one dear person capable of surprising me.  She comes to visit me every once in a while, but her arrival is always so sudden that she doesn’t fail to surprise me. And it had been so long since the last time she visited, that I’d almost stopped thinking of her. It didn’t even cross my mind that she may choose this afternoon to drop by….

I’d been up most of the night and my head hurt….. No, it was not a slumber party, and I didn’t get sloshed and this was not about a hangover and ‘the morning after’. It always gets this way before major project submissions. The thing was that she hadn’t visited me for quite some time and there were too many things chasing around my brain for me to spare her a thought. There I was, leaning back in my chair before the comp, trying to lay my hands on Inspiration as he kept dancing tantalizingly out of reach. Then I thought I heard a movement at the door, so I turned. I was sure someone had been there.

Then a warm feeling started at the top of my head, as if someone had just put a dollop of nice, pleasantly warm oil there. I closed my eyes and felt the corners of my lips lift a little. Then as the warm feeling seeped to my heart, I knew she had come. And sure enough, as I opened my eyes, there she was. Her face is the most pleasant thing anyone can ever come across. Nothing but pure delight etched in every delicate feature of her’s as if nothing made her happier than visiting me. For someone who rarely spoke, it was an eloquent little face. And one welcomingly so. There are so many upset and frowning faces that I see everyday that it is just delightful to see one so obviously happy.

And the way I do every time she comes down, I threw my head back and guwaffed! I allowed all that bubbling energy to surface and I chortled and giggled and chuckled away. It felt so good! Like some great burden was lifting off my shoulders. Like someone had put a bag full of cement in my chest and it was all coming out. Like after a long long time of driving down a dark tunnel, I’d driven into an open country road. It felt great! Huge tears trickled down my cheeks as I held my stomach and cackled, ignoring the stitch in my side and what a spectacle I must be presenting……

She stayed for just a short while, like she always does. Then, pleased with herself, she gave me one last parting smile and quietly drifte out of the room but the warm feeling stayed with me.

My mom hurried into the room with a question mark on her face.

“Why are you laughing so much?”

“Nothing….” I spluttered “Read a funny mail.. that’s all”

The day felt brighter. The breeze was sweeter. The radio played better songs…. Gosh! I felt better!!

That’s how I feel every time she visits, that timid girl…. Laughter…..


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