Posted by: miilee | September 20, 2009


That’s what I am! and I’m stuck!!!  With whom you ask? With the Worst Possible Company…. Boredom…. (I hope you get the point when I say THE Worst)…..
He couldn’t have selected a stickier time to trouble me. And that fat slob knows that. He just loves it when he puts me in a tizzy. Just when everything is going fine, life is returning to normal, and I’ve just waved good bye to The Creative Block as he left my place after over staying his visit, in crashes this lousy idiot. I could rain all the swearwords in my vocabulary of three languages and all the effect it would have on him is an uncontrolled bout of hysterical laughter.
Let me begin with his arrival. I closed the doors after The Creative Block as he finally left after having returned, first for his top hat, then his pocket knife and then his umbrella. I leaned against the closed door, closed my eyes and breathed a sigh of relief, thanking my Lucky Stars for having sent my troubles away. But my Stars winked back mischievously and I so hate it when they do that, because that means there is trouble somewhere. Just when I was trying to ponder on what could go wrong, I heard a crash and rushed to my room to see what it was. I hardly had time to grasp that everything was just as I’d left it a few minutes ago. I felt someone grab me around my neck and climb onto my back like a monkey. I tilted sideways and caught my reflection in the mirror. And sure enough, on my back, grinning stupidly, sat Boredom. He ensures that all my movements slow down. He holds on to my ankles and makes sure that I shlump from room to room with no trace of my usual brisk stride. “You walk too fast” He says, flicking something out of his teeth. Bast… Forget it.. No point cursing him…. It will just amuse him….
And if there is anything that amuses him the most, it is Frustration. Frustration too matches his timing with him really well. Just as I turn from my door, with this lazy blob hanging on to my arm, sure enough, in walks Frustration; Sleek, Groomed and smug as ever. Brilliant! Exactly what I needed when Deadline has been knocking on my door every morning and evening with different notices, and he won’t even take these two unwanted guests of mine as a valid reason for not meeting him. So Yeah, I am in a puddle.
Both these creatures take it in turns to play with me. Boredom first hangs on to each of my appendages every time  I decide to move any of them. Then he makes me watch some stupid movie. Three times. Then he takes a breather and Frustration comes up, ruins my hair, reddens my eyes and starts off an irritating headache. I need hairoil to stop it.
All Boredom does is makes sure that he hangs to my ankles, making it necessary for me to yell for the oil bottle which my sister brings in. Funnily, nobody else sees these two rogues sitting in my room.
I don’t know why, but I start the solitaire game on my pc and that sends Boredom rolling on the floor with laughter. I guess it is a benchmark of his achievement…. me playing solitaire. There are more such benchmarks too… counting the ants on the window sill, making designs on the water condensed on a cold water bottle, writing facebook notes, seeing stupid videos, messaging friends for rescue, yelling ‘I Am Bored!!’ at the walls……




I HATE HIM!!!!!!!

…. sorry, that was frustration pulling my hair…

see? see what I mean by Worst Company? And over the looks on their faces, they’re gonna make it a point to ensure that I fall into trouble with Deadline….

I guess I’ll have to resign to my fate and stick it out till they finally leave. No sooner do I accept this, than there is a sound in the kitchen. I walk in and my dismay couldn’t have been greater…. There, Peeping into my fridge was that grinning idiot; Insomnia…. !!!!


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