Posted by: miilee | December 22, 2009

I am UN-fair

A few days ago, for the hundredth time, I sat through yet another chat between friends about skin colour and care. Sheila (name changed) was convinced that her dark skin was the reason why she hasn’t been asked out by a guy as yet. Ankita (Name changed.. (Duh!) ) was suggesting a long list of expensive creams and face packs and skin care products, most of which were ‘fairness expert’ stuff. I sat quietly- though a little angry, by the side.
People like Sheila are not rare. Personally, I know at least 10 guys who think she’s just simply beautiful because of her dark and flawless complexion that sets off her eyes perfectly and that she’s charming and witty and the best person they’ve known. The only reason none of them came forward to ask her out was because her brother is a gym instructor and makes an intimidating person to be on the wrong side of.
Anyway, I let Ankita continue with her string of commercial advertisements and watched Sheila actually, tangibly sink lower in her seat due to the building complex… And oblivious to this, Ankita turns to me,
“And Talking of this, Mili, why don’t you try G******’s new cream? It is instant work and with that tan of your’s… ”

That’s It! I said this to Ankita and I’m telling this to everyone; I’m PROUD of my dark skin. No offence to fair people (it’s your genes guys!) but I’m not about to sit through the ‘beautiful= fair’ talk ever! I’m probably not beautiful or a head turner but I love my skin. I do take care of it to keep it flawless, but I would never even dream of changing its colour!
I mean, (again, no offence) it didn’t come to me in some tube of cream or lotion or gel or face pack. It is MINE! The way my mother gave it to me. The way the sun honed it. It is testimony to all the time I’ve spent out in the heat, working, playing, enjoying; sampling life with my own bare skin. It is legend of my love affair with the Day. It is the Kiss of affection He gives me everyday as I go out to meet Him and I’m not about to hide it.

And the whole deal about “No guy will look at me because I am not fair”,
Point 1- My skin was not made to make guys look/not look at me. It was made to stop all my organs and body parts from spilling all over the place and holding them together and protecting them from infections. (Go back to your old science text books)
Point 2- If a guy looks at me just because of my skin, to hell with the fellow for being so shallow. I’ve got other, much better attributes to care for.

About Sheila, well, to prove my point, I got in touch with a guy I knew she had a soft spot for (who also happened to be one of those ten guys who liked her) and convinced him to ask her out. (The brother never had any issues; he just looked intimidating)
The glow on her face on their first date would have put any fairness cream to shame….



  1. nice one milli! i support you! 🙂
    but in such cases we can’t blame individuals because fair=beautiful is what we have always been hearing and seeing especially in a society like ours..even if you see the matrimonial columns in newspapers, most of them specify a cultured and ‘fair’ girl..and you can’t change certain fixations that people have no matter what you do!

    • I know it is a social mind set but I’m doing my bit; to reach out to anyone who thinks low of themselves because of their skin colour. don’t.You are as good as you think you are. to every ten people who believe in the colour thing, there will come ten others who won’t give a damn about what shade of brown you are…

  2. India has been obsessed with skin tone for a long time, and by the looks of it, this wont come to an end any time soon. While Caucasians usually go all out to get the perfect bronzed look, we do practically everything short of Kabuki-esque make-up to appear fair.

    Also, I wonder. Why don’t the girls in the skin cream ads dress up nicely before? They’re always bitching about in shapeless salwar kameezes with their hair a big oily mess. If they made as big an effort that time as they did after the “transformation” -pink or white clothes that fit well, perfect hair, confident walk- then we wouldn’t be plagued by such cheesy ads.

  3. This whole this, of people wanting a skin other than the one that they have is a gift of cosmetic commercials. Talk of media’s manipulation…..

  4. Good Stuff Miilee…concur with your views…and what i like the write from your heart!..cheers

    • Thanks Gaurav:)

  5. well said.

  6. Kudos!!!

  7. Good one Miilee. Good to read when people write from the bottom of their heart…

    • Thanks Niju…

  8. Lovelyyyyyyyyyyyy…. 🙂 \m/

    • Lol… fellow traveler…. u were bound to like this..!! thanks neway… 🙂

  9. You never fail to strike a chord in our minds and make us think about all that’s got into our ‘heads’ just blindly in our day to day lives. And like always, it’s a delight to read your posts. 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked it… 🙂

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