Posted by: miilee | December 28, 2009


Spoke to Nandu some time ago and he told me that the Tata Jagriti Yatra was to leave Kanyakumari in a while. Kanyakumari…. the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsular…. I wouldn’t forget the place in a million years…. Around this same hour, we too had been taking our dinner at the station there. It had been our first few days on the train. Everything had moved so fast in that time that we’d been left in a tizzy. We didn’t meet any role model at Kanyakumari, but there was to be a panel discussion prior to which we’d gone to visit the Vivekanand Rock Memorial. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the visit. I’d been there before but I guess my mind had just traveled at such a rapid speed in such a short distance of time that I truly appreciated the calm that settled over me there. There was nothing but an azure sea all around us and a constant wind. The colour of the sea was so beautiful, I wish I could have taken a swath of it back with me. There was a crystal clear quality about it and looking at it made my mind settle into a semblance of clarity too. After the heavy sessions of debates and discussions and brain storming that we’d done, over the time, my mind took a moment to pause and reflect. I guess that was the aim of the organizers because though everyone was taking pictures and enjoying the scene, a lot of the yatris were idling at some point to look out at the sea. I don’t know what each of us saw in there. I guess the spirit of the sea showed each of us something different. To me, it restored some calm peace of mind. It gave me clarity of thought. And in some part of me, I felt that little stirring of hope. A hope that was building up everyday since I left Mumbai. There was also an important lesson that I got there as I looked down at the waves dancing weightlessly beneath me…. Even as the wind blew all my hair over my face, I could hear the gently ebb and flow of the waves; a sound that had been here for centuries….. the rock smoothened by their gentle caressing. How persistent were they? No one wave made a dent in the shore, but constant, uninterrupted efforts made sure that they left their mark on the land that was otherwise impregnable. It took time…. and the sea wasn’t in any hurry… but the work got done… And even now, every time I encounter a seemingly impassable road block, I think…. waves…. gentle, caressing….. ceaselessly constant….. without giving up hope….


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