Posted by: miilee | January 5, 2010

Justice or Mockery

I remember the time the Jessica Lal Case had made it to the front pages of national newspapers. I remember vociferously campaigning for her cause and going for candle lit vigils, talks etc and closely following the whole case till the day the words, “There Is Justice” had flashed across the front of the Hindustan Times.  I’d felt a sense of victory; We’d done it!

But then more cases came. The Priyadarshini Mattoo Case came and the Noida double murder…. and each time, we went around campaigning for justice….. and eventually got tired of doing it.

A lot has happened to me since that Jessica Lall case. Youth, College, Mumbai…. I guess I grew up too and the way I looked at the issue has changed totally. I don’t feel that fervor to win justice any more. My mind is running more along the lines of pure frustration. Some points I ponder over:

1. Why do we have to ‘campaign’ for justice in all these cases? Even the lamest of men with the most ridiculous sense of justice could have seen the breakdown of law here. What is the judicial system doing? Isn’t it their duty, their job to ensure that these very things don’t happen?

2. What about those cases which are never campaigned about? Does Jessica Lall have a higher claim over justice because some top honcho was involved in the case? What about those lakhs of ‘Lall’s’ and ‘Mattoo’s’ across the country who’s cases have never seen the light of the day because they weren’t raped and killed by an MP’s son but by the village hooligan? who will campaign for them and when will they get justice?

3. Why are crores of rupees of the tax payers spent on the whole law and order set up if they need to be watched over and corrected at every point and turn?

Last thing on my mind. When I employ a secretary under me, it is understood that she will be answerable to me for everything and that if she fails to complete the tasks assigned to her, I have the authority to ask for answers and even replace her for I pay her; I am her employer.

I’m a part of a democracy; a set up of the people, by the people, for the people. That means that the people who form the entire public sector are in effect civil servants. Public servants. And I am the public. I, the Public have appointed them in order to complete all the functions required to run the state so that it saves my time and allows me to be the state.  It is time I stopped accepting the mediocre services I’m getting from the people whom I’m employing in My government. Answer and improve or be replaced. I demand results. I demand efficiency. I want a Judiciary in place, not this mockery.



  1. Too good…we need diz type of blogs..its for common man…

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