Posted by: miilee | January 8, 2010

Being a Woman

I’ve been groggy since morning and six cups of coffee haven’t helped yet. My spine feels like it was put there to cause me pain and make me want to ask someone to crack it for me every half an hour. Every living thing around me is just too irritating for me to tolerate. I’ve snapped at almost everyone since afternoon and am still feeling cranky and sulky. I have a head ache and I just feel like curling up beneath a blanket and sleeping it out  for the next five days…… Yeah…. I’ve got my periods. And this is the time when I feel like turning at all those women empowerment people and yelling, “Screw you guys!! Being a woman SUCKS!!!”

I mean cummon! I have cramps in my stomach and feel like shit for the better part of five days every month when I feel like all the blood in my body is just flowing out of me. I have to tolerate all those x-raying eyes of men on the trains. I have to put up with whistling and eve teasing and with b*#@!%$# who can barely keep their zippers closed long enough when they see a woman. Every few moments I pass a man who makes my fingers curl into fists and fill me with this instant and deep desire to pulverize him. I am the one with the worry of rape on my mind every time I have a late night. I am the one who needs to keep a pepper spray in my purse. When I get a seemingly great job offer, it comes teamed with the suspicion possible of sexual demands from my employee. I am the one looking over my shoulder all the time. I am the one who needs to watch out.

I am the one who will be expected to give up my career or at least compromise to accommodate a family. I am the one who will have to leave my parents and change my name. I am the one who needs to learn to cook entire arrays of menus. I have to know the right side of the diaper from the wrong. I have to know about pregnancy care. I will have to stay off alcohol and caffeine for a baby. I have to think of morning sickness, hormonal imbalance, mood swings, labor pain, post pregnancy weight, birth control, baby care, breast-feeding and a million other things.

And just to add an icing to the cake, I’ve ot the statistics showing that half the crimes committed in the world are ones against women. not just that, they also tell me that it is the fastest rising crime segment and that is again the margin of the slowest investigations taking place. So in short, I am a member of that section of the human race that has the shittiest things to face and is getting screwed even further (and I’m not even talking discrimination here).

And for what? Just because my father gave me an x chromosome instead of a y. wow… just amazing….

But then, call it looking at the brighter side of it or whatever, the positives also linger in my head…. there are loads of them I guess, but I just need to get a cool head to think of them…


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