Posted by: miilee | January 8, 2010

The Girl on the Couch

You know, life has a habit of getting you under the belt when you are least expecting it. Here I was, sitting before my pc, getting some work done, worried about my deadlines, trying to concentrate even as my eyes drooped close after the third night without sleep. Thoughts of my future, my career, of the world and issues drifted like thick clouds across my brain and fatigue dragged at my flagging energies. After typing three whole pages for a magazine feature, I sank back into my chair with my cup of rapidly cooling coffee. Just to take my mind off all the things that it is tangled with, I came over to facebook. Among the updates I found a link of an old video that a friend had shared…. the original Sing Along Songs video of the Winnie The Pooh theme song.
With a smile on my face, I opened it….. I really used to love Winnie The Pooh.
As the first few notes of the song began with ‘Deep in the hundred acre woods..’ , something happened. I left my place in front of the pc and got transported to an old couch, with a bowl of cornflakes in my lap and the song playing on the screen of our huge old color TV…. back to my childhood…

Three years of age, my hair tied in two little bushes on my head, my eyes sparkling, glued to the screen and me almost dancing to the tune of all the sing along’s as they played from the video cassette I had. God knows how many mornings I must have spent like that.

I don’t know why, but there are tears rolling down my cheeks as I watch Christopher Robin and his friends on the screen now. I used to love them so much! The three little pigs, Dumbo, Pinocchio, Cinderella….. When they came on the screen, I couldn’t take my eyes off them, living with them, singing and dancing. My face mirrored their glee and zeal for life without a care in the world.
They were happy characters, who made me a happy child. They grew and helped their friends and tried to make this world a happy place. They didn’t like fighting, They didn’t shoot fire and do all those things that toons do today. There was no sort of competition or race to be the best, or take over the world or something of that sort. It was peaceful and happy and they radiated that peace and joy.They never shouted angry dialogues; infact, they hardly spoke. They always laughed, or smiled or sang.They were innocent. They could never have been a bad influence and I’m sure no mother would have been worried if her child watched them everyday. Aunts and uncles gifted these cartoon cassettes to children and enjoyed doing that without having to think about them being appropriate for the child.
They had values, those cartoons. And they taught those values to me. Pinocchio had a ‘conscience’ and he taught me not to lie and to be selfless. Cinderella sang to me of the power of dreams. Dumbo made me value the mother I had. Clifford taught me to be gentle, irrespective of my size or power.
They all taught me words; real words, not imaginary, made up stuff. There were real animals, real birds. No fake monsters and creatures that you keep in a ball and then release to fight for you. They were the friends who made my childhood the fun and carefree place that it was.

And now, I miss them. As I grew up, from those recorded cassettes to the Disney Hour, to Cartoon Network and now to everything else, I forgot to take them along. Somewhere, these friends got left behind and in this crowded adult life, I find myself battling with everything, often getting angry, resentful even nasty at times but all alone. And at these times, tired, angry, frustrated and resentful, I find myself glancing back at that little girl sitting on that couch with Pooh and Dumbo and wonder what became of her….. Where did that laugh go? That concern for every living thing? That fascination and awe of the world…. It just got left behind. Forgotten…
I envy her, that girl on the couch…. she didn’t know much, yet she was a good person. A happy person. I wish I hadn’t left her behind….. I wish…. but that’s all I can do other than watching those videos hungrily….. And as I try to bring Pooh’s happy face to mind, I don’t know why, but when he looks back at me, he has a sad look on his face…. Maybe even he misses that girl on the couch….



  1. Just a Smile for that simple pose on tree branch 🙂

    • 🙂

  2. Just this morning I was reading some of A.A. Milne’s quotes (Winnie-the-Pooh) and came across a beautiful one saying,

    “We’ll be Friends Forever, won’t we, Pooh?’ asked Piglet. Even longer,’ Pooh answered.”

    And I can completely relate to this post 🙂 Somewhere I do miss the innocence lost with time.

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