Posted by: miilee | January 11, 2010

Terror Strike at midnight…..

Tell me one reason…. just one tiny, incy wincy, minute little reason as to why Noah felt the need to take a pair of Mosquitoes, of all the billions of God’s creations, on his Arc… did he fall for the size of the thing and feel the urge to protect the ‘defenseless little poor things’? Or was he just following orders and ticking off species from a list as he loaded them, not bothering to check if each was a necessity? Or maybe, he just didn’t realize that a pair of them had hidden themselves in the Yak’s fur or something, before he closed the drawbridge and set sail….
One will never know..
All I know is thousands of years down the line, the descendants of those two ‘survivors’ are wreaking havoc for me and are solely responsible for the fact that I am NOT sleeping right at this moment!!!!!
I mean, this is terrible!!! Man takes all kinds of pains to kill creatures like the tiger or the elephant when neither of them will ever mind if he decides to fall asleep where as no one has given these winged disasters a second thought beyond making some creams, oils, mats and coils… which by the way, are the joke of the century; Right at this moment, there are three mosquitoes doing a kind of a cross between a ballet and a twist on the coil that I’ve placed in my room. (I’m sure if the coil had it his way, he’d like to roll along to the toilet and commit suicide by jumping into the pot)
And I’m not exaggerating at all!! You may check if you like; Somewhere in a Fact’s book, I remember reading that mosquitoes were used as a means of torture and even Capital Punishment in certain provinces. They really are that bad!! Even now, as if realizing that I’m typing something against them, there is a bunch of them hovering above my head, taking it in turns to puncture my neck, arms, and all exposed skin (I’m glad I don’t use one of those ‘Fashionable’ night things and have long pants and a T-Shirt to cover a majority of my skin. War strategy, I’d call it.)
Just the moment I stop waving my arms around like a wind mill gone berserk, one of them takes a jab at me. And if they find all other parts of me under secure cover, or inaccessable, they bite my nose which is poking out of the blanket to allow me to breath.
What self respecting creature does that!! Biting on my nose, for heaven’s sake!!
Well, I hope the Old Man up there is having fun, watching me squirm and squiggle down here, protecting myself from one of his smaller creations.
I actually have a strong suspicion…. Maybe he persuaded Noah to take a couple of these on board in exchange of an eternal supply of entertainment: I’m sure the two of them are rolling around in the clouds, clutching their long beards to their stomachs and wiping away tears of hilarity from their eyes as they watch the whole human race battling with this terror strike.
They say the planes flying into the Twin Towers was a terror attack? Well, wait till a Suicide Mosquito flies right into your nose….



  1. haha!!! indeed a funny one milli!!!:P:D good humour!! I liked it!!! 😛

    • Thanks munira 🙂 feel free to share it on ur fb… 🙂

  2. nice blog 🙂

    • 🙂 thanks!!!

  3. Thanks to the mosquitoes – else I would have been more juicier and heavier by 5~10 kgs

    • LOL!!!!

  4. lolzzzz these creatures ae really menace 😛 hillarious post gal 😀

    • lol!! I laugh about it now, but they can be a real pain in the night… I wonder how the African tribes live!!

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