Posted by: miilee | January 11, 2010

When The Tables Turn

You teased me and ragged me, you laughed crudely when I cried.

And I never hurt you back, I never even tried.

You tripped me in the passage ways, and you made fun of my falls.

Thanks to you, they laughed at me, they jeered and yelled cat calls.

You boasted your good luck, and made me feel  damn lowly.

You strutted around like you owned the place, while I dragged along slowly.

You said I was a loser, God! How that rings in my ears!

You said I didn’t have what it takes, you always drove me to tears.

But Fate, She likes her balance, and She decided to tip the scales.

She favored me for a change, She blew the wind into my sails.

Now I have the upper hand,  I made it here before you.

Looks like I did have what it takes, My life has started off anew.

Now you are stuck in a mess, you’re sickened to your heart.

The Gun went off a while ago, and you’re still rooted at the Start.

But I’m not you; I’m ME. So I won’t laugh at your fall.

I just hope you’ve learnt something. Have you learnt anything at all?

I guess you’re reaping the fruit, of all the evil that you’d sown.

I just hope you’ll change from here; or you’ll end up being alone.

They say Forgive and Forget, so that’s what I’m gonna do.

If you think I could help, tell me. Cause this is Me, not you.



  1. best..!!
    but d prblm wid u is..u keep gettin better wid evry new thing u write..!

    • thanks jo!! I’m glad u liked it…. 🙂

  2. well written, well expressed.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it… and welcome to my blog!

  3. I could see things happening before my eyes. It was so picturesque.
    A real incident or not, it touched me, ’cause I think I know how that feels.
    Loved the verse.

    • Thanks so much! I was a real situation that i wrote this for. I’m glad you liked it…. and welcome to my blog 🙂

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