Posted by: miilee | January 19, 2010

Good Night…… Really??!?!?!


That is what I am right now. And you know what? it’s one in the night and I’ve already taken some 20 odd insane, meaningless quizzes here on facebook. Yeah yeah, I know…. If I’m bored, I might as well go off to sleep…. but you know what?? I’m not even getting any sleep!!! It’s crazy… I tried. I swear I tried sleeping. But every time I close my eyes, I feel like opening them again. And every time I do that, I obviously cannot sleep!!!

So basically, I’ve become a crazy, facebook quiz playing nut headed insomniac. Great. Awesome. Just what the world needs today. I tried blogging or writing stuff. Can’t think of anything meaningful to put on. This note doesn’t count, it is meaningless.

Then I thought I’d go and make myself something to eat.
I tip toed to the fridge. No noise made, nobody woken up.
Slowly, I opened the fridge praying that nothing would creak or give me away.
Nothing did.
Success again!!
Slowly, I reached for the Milk with one hand and the bread with the other. Touched both. Got grip. Ready to take them out to the kitchen platform when…


My dad’s stupid, idiotic, nonsensical, not-on-silent-mode cell phone rings.
Darn it!!!
Who the hell is calling at this time?? Can’t they go off to sleep?? Bloody stupid insomniacs!!!…. er…. well, whatever…

So I close my eyes tight, hoping they don’t notice me lurking in the middle of the night.
Fat Chance, I should have known….

“Who’s there? Maithili??”
Enter my Mom; The Great Inquisitor,
” What’s wrong?? Why are you not in bed? Why is the PC on? Are you still working? Are you planning to ruin your health? Why are you not answering me??”
…. I often wonder why she doesn’t wait for the answer of the first question before going on to the next. I pity her students if they ever have to face a viva for her subject…. but anyway…

“Nothing mom. Just thought of something so wanted to type it out before it’s out of my head. I’m almost done. Just wanted water. Am going to bed now.”

…I’m forgetting something….. Oh yes!!….
” And don’t worry about my health mom. I’ll be fine”

Wrong move


…I hate Dad’s phone and whoever the caller was….

“Mom, relax. I’m going I’m going!!! I’m switching off the PC. Just let me have some water.”
….And yeah… Go ahead, WORRY!!!

“You better do that!!! And quick. I’m coming there in five minutes to check.”
Yeah right…. remind me again, how old am I??
“Yes mom.”
And I’m back in front of the PC, My rear glued to the seat, my tummy still longing for that milk and toast and mom still ‘coming in five minutes to check.’
And I’m still BORED!!!
But I don’t trust my luck too much. That Maniacal Insomniac of Dad’s may call again. (Yeah I am awake too, but I’m not calling up people while their poor daughters are trying to sneak out food!!)
So I’ll just be off to that useless bed of mine. Guess I’ll have to stare into nothingness and think of something… (Are thinkers made like that??) what should I think of though???

…no i don’t think so……


Well, I know something I can think of……..*Smirk*

Good Night!!!!



  1. keep all your weapons ready before the battle …

    Bread, butter, garlic chutney/powder, oregano, milk, cheese cubes, cheese slices …..

    I’ve farsan for now 🙂

    • lol!! yeah yeah… will start keeping a secret stock in my cupboard frm now on…

  2. tht’s called a raw feeling. many of us including me wud think hundred times before writng these kinda stuff bt hats off to ur guts. honestly jus luved ur post & believe me nyone 4m our generation cud relate to this bt will nvr post their true feelings publically in this manner. Hats off to u agn.

    • lol!! it is a pretty frustrated post, but why would it require guts? it is just humor…

  3. ya its jus humour. bt hw many blog posts u hv read writing these kinda stuffs? if u say it is a frustrated post tell me why frustration bind the lips some time. i hv read enuf blog postz in the similar theme bt none of them match wid this. Believe me or nt, it is jus a raw & honest post. guess, nw u cant question me why i lyked it 🙂

    • oh well, being an English teacher’s daughter gave me a great language and i guess i am too much of a blabber mouth to keep shut about anything. So I write whenever I feel like about whatever that comes to me… Read the rest of the blogs, you’ll probably get a better idea..

  4. hehhe…this is so damn cute…reminds me of my college days. My mother must have received special training from the third Reich (Hitler) when I was younger.

    Parle-G…u can stack that 🙂

    • hahaha!! I’ve learnt my lesson… have a stock of chocolates and tidbits stashed away in my closet 😉

  5. this happened to me just a couple of days back… my mom has a radar, she always comes to knw when im not sleeping..

    • lol!! how typically Mom!

  6. […] A cup of hot chocolate. For an Insomniac, getting your hands on food at night is a frightfully tough task. Especially when one’s mom is a hot tempered, strict light sleeper. The fact that she’s […]

  7. Cute. Guess most kids are the same!

    • 🙂

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