Posted by: miilee | January 19, 2010

The Goddess of Facebook Notes, Insomnia and me.

The Goddess of Facebook Notes smiles contentedly as she looks at me, “So you’re back, I see…”
“Yeah,” I say. “Couldn’t think of anything else to do.”
“Well, how about sleeping? Isn’t your bed ready?”
“It is, but I don’t feel sleepy anymore…”
“Am sure you don’t” One could sense her smirk a mile away!
“And what happened, may I ask, of those… er… resolutions (Clearly audible smirk) you made? About not keeping late hours and maintaining healthy sleeping and eating patterns and (that Smirk again) not visiting me?” she asks, lifting an elegantly worded eyebrow.
Oh… I see… I see what’s happening here!! So that’s what’s had her ticked off… The fact that I said I wouldn’t…..Wait a minute!
“How did you know all this?”
“Ah well!” she says, flicking a stray punctuation mark off the hem of her gown. “The Chat Lord pays a visit every now and then and he happened to let slip some….er…. lines over dinner last month.”
Oh damn him! Couldn’t he just keep shut? I thought he was supposed to be personal and stuff… anyway, can’t blame the poor guy if he’d downed some brandy……
“Well,…. er…”
Now what the hell do I tell her?
“So you’re back for good?” She asked, smoothing out a sharp comment from her pleats.
“Is that a yes or a no?”
“Well, you see, Insomnia’s come over, and insisted on staying for some time, so…..”
“Ah! Give that old chap my regards. You never let him stay on long, do you?”
“He sort of tends to disturb – quite unintentionally i’m sure – my work pattern and schedules. It’s nice to have him over once in a while but it does get difficult in the long run.”
And he’s mighty demanding, I wanted to add; Not a night does he let my fridge be! What a fellow!
“Ah, come now!” she laughed, and I’m sure a lot of ‘like’ options got clicked at that point. “Your schedule it seems. Just admit it. Even if he didn’t come over, you’d have paid me a visit.”
That maddening, God forsaken smirk!
“What makes you say that?”
“I know you like the comments I get you. And don’t bother to protest, I know it’s true…”
Her certainty makes me feel like logging out at that moment. “How?”
“You visit the earlier notes quite often…I’ve been counting…”
The next time she smirks, I’m gonna delete all the notes, I swear!
“You know then, don’t you. So just let me go ahead, and finish one note for tonight.”
There! Happy? Satisfied?….Bitch..!!
“Ah not really, but can’t ask for much, can I now. So have it your way. Write a note, and come back to read the comments and then forget Me as well as Insomnia…”
Yeah, whatever! Move now! I need to write…
“So… can I start with my note…?” I ask, as she showed no signs of moving off the screen.
“Patience child!” She stood up from her throne, and a few new comments cascaded off her lap, onto the floor. “It’s not my fault that your net connection is slow! Write as much as you want, but wait till the page loads atleast!” and she strolled off the screen, examining those pretty fingers.
The Notes Pageboy came hustling onto the screen.
“Hey chum! how you been? Sorry, got stuck on the way; the new features have grown fat, so it takes some struggle to get ’em in on a slow connection.” I smiled at him.
“So what you writin’ tonight?” He asked.
And before I could answer him, Insomnia called out; “Hey there dimwit! Your mum’s coming! and I just got a call from The Coffee Lady; She wants me to keep another chap up tonight, so I’ll see ya!” and he went away, throwing a large yawn at me…. Damn him….
“Don’t think I’m writin anything tonight, li’l chap.” I told the Pageboy, Managing that big yawn. “Kinda feeling sleepy now… so I’ll see ya sometime when Insomnia’s here”
Damn That Lady, Damn Insomnia and Damn all of them! I could have finished three notes in this time!
…Yeah,.. And there comes mom…..



  1. one of the best pieces of armature work ive come across in a while…. 🙂

    • Thanks!! glad u liked it…

  2. indeed … very nicely written … keep it up miilee 🙂

    • thanks!! I’m glad u liked it..

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