Posted by: miilee | February 4, 2010

How I Met Sam…

I moved to Mumbai two years ago. I had to leave behind a huge chunk of my life when I came; My home, My town, My childhood, but the thing that hurt the most, I had to leave my darling Sammy, our three year old dog.

Sam was with us for a mere two years, yet he enriched our lives beyond anything else. Dogs have a way of doing that. Sam was no great breed. Actually we didn’t even go to any kennel or pet store to bring him. He invited himself to our home.

All through my life, I was scared of dogs. No, Scared is not the word. I was mortally petrified of them. I couldn’t even manage looking at a cute puppy without frightened tears popping in my eyes. And as expected, this was a family joke. But this meant there never arose the question of having a dog in our family.
We lived in a large bungalow and thus it is generally customary to have a dog there. My family had one before my parents got married. Actually there was a succession of dogs in our family, each with his own set of anecdotes. Yet after the last, jet black dog named Moti (!) passed away, my dad refused to have another one in the house since he couldn’t bear the pain of loosing him. So all in all, 16 years of my life were spent in blissful ignorance of canine delights anywhere in my vicinity.

Then Sam happened. I’d gone to the nearby stores with dad to get a few supplies. My dad had the bad habit of calling to random dogs on the road and that made me run in the opposite direction. So as I stood and told the guy what I wanted, I heard dad whistle and call some dog. I turned, horror filled, to yell at him before bolting away, and that’s when it happened…

That’s the moment I started believing in love at first sight. Because that’s what it was. Of all the things, the two things I’ll never forget were my marvel at how this royal creature was on the road and the boundless affection in the beautiful eyes. He just walked up to me, his eyes saying, “I’m just so glad to see you!!” for the first time in my life, I patted a dog.
And then he followed us home and just like me, everyone else fell flat for him and we (Me and My Sis) christened him “Sammy”

And that’s how a new chapter in my life began. Title….
Sam And Me!



  1. how sweet…. sam’s lookin really cute.. i wish even i hav a pet like that…

    • I wish I could bring him back to me…

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