Posted by: miilee | February 14, 2010

“Ma’am he did it! I saw!!”

Rohan (Name Changed. *Duh!*).

He was one of the most interesting characters in my class. I don’t think I have come across any other person as mischievous and sly as he was. Neither have I seen anyone slip out of tight corners as quickly and deftly as he did. He had a lot of tricks up his sleeve. For one, he had the most charming eyes you could have seen on a 15 year old. Add to that a majority women staff room, I don’t see how he’d ever have a problem getting out of trouble. All he had to do was make a sad puppy face and he was off the hook.

But his skill lay in the art of never getting onto that hook in the first place. He was good at studies, so he generally fell out of the field of suspicion all together (I don’t understand teachers! who the heck said studious kids couldn’t be rogue??) But the few times that he did come close to being caught red handed, he did some of his patent acts; making up some of the most bizarre  stories that the teacher strangely believed, or whipping up a sob story that will divert attention etc.

One of the things that he did  is pushing the blame. He’d throw a piece of chalk at the teacher and if she turned around and saw, he’d just point at Dilip, an ill reputed child in class and say, “Ma’am he did it! I saw!!” And since Dilip anyway had a place in the teacher’s bad book, he’d get the blame. Those of us who were Rohan’s friends just sniggered at Dilip while the others would mumble things behind their palms and let the moment pass. Till the end, Rohan kept his good repute and Dilip kept loosing his worth in class under all the blame…. There finally came a time when whatever misdeed happened, no one thought before blaming Dilip for it. And under that cover, Rohan passed off all his meanest and dirtiest deeds.

I’d almost forgotten Rohan and Dilip after all these years. Not surprising since I never saw them after my 6th standard.

Yet yesterday, as I sat through News reports about the Pune Bomb Blasts, I started thinking of Dilip. That guy was no innocent child but just because he had one tag, no one else ever came under the suspicion scanner. No teacher ever doubted anyone else.

I wonder how many such Rohans are there in the society today. Every time there is a bomb or explosion, everyone just points at Pakistan. Most people don’t even think rationally; just fix the blame. I don’t say Pakistan is the poor innocent scapegoat; It does have a bad background. But do we realize that just like Rohan made an ass of all the teachers in my school, someone here could be making an ass of all of us? Someone here must actually be using our prejudice against Pakistan and doing all their dirty deeds and escaping blame…..

I remember one particular lecture of Media Effects that we had recently. We discussed the idea of Hegemony; unquestioned acceptance of something as the ultimate truth. We’d seen how it dulls people’s rational thought processes and discourages the spirit of inquiry and curiosity. A lot of truths get hidden in this manner, not because it is very well hidden but because people are not looking to find it.

I wonder how many such truths are dancing in front of us as we’re hegemonically pointing fingers at the tagged suspect and the real culprit sits in our midst…



  1. Thumbs up!

  2. Very true! This is actually happening and well pakistan would be involved, but wat if its not? A BIG QUESTION!

    • A question that is weighing heavy on my mind. I have some doubts about this blast… and unless we share our thoughts on issues, there won’t be any hope of the contrary view being inspected.

  3. I absolutely loved it!

    • Thanks deepali

  4. Nice and easy flow of words …. good command over language …. and a very relevant and appropriate commentary …. this is how I sum it up 🙂

    Keep it up Miilee!!!

    • Thanks. I’m glad you found it relevant. We need to voice out doubts for them to have any hope of being inspected.

  5. Fantastic post on the blame game getting continued with no action being taken on either of the sides..!..and we say “aman ki aasha ” at the end of the day

    • it is not the blame game that worries. more like what we base our blame on…. if the basis was rational, good. but this looks more like prejudice…

  6. absolutely..but its the media and the political elements that set up the base for the blame game…!…and if these guys they think rationally keeping in mind the seriousness of the situation then i think we will be able to see some change in india as well as with our neighbours .

  7. Very well written and quite interesting see if u able to join da dots dat we discussed yesterday…

    • Well, connected them pretty easily but if i do that here, a lot of readers will not get the basic argument but will get hung up on my Anti sena approach…

  8. I think there’s something more to it. There’s another Dilip, the muslim community! Well, some of the leading terrorists base their revolutionary ideas on perverted muslim believes, but that’s all. The whole of the community is becoming a Dilip due to some big Rahuls.

    • You’re right… we’ve made terrorism synonymous with Islamic fundamentalism… whereas according to the actual definition of terrorism, even the Hindu fundamentalism is a type of terrorism.. and so are a lot of other things which are not islamic… we’ve gotta stop with the terrorist= muslim equation…. It’s not true…

  9. way to go analogies! awesome awesome

    • *takes a bow* thanks!!

  10. It is time we demand serious action like mandatorily sacking or demotion of the police commissioner under whose jusrisdiction the event happens. How can an act as serious as planting a bomb under your noses goes undetected? is it so easy? Or have the palms been so greased now that everyone slips out everytime?

    where have all the grassroots “khabris” vanished? Or are the police so busy protecting the politicians and criminals or collecting haptas that they do not have the ear to hear them?

    • If it is a conspiracy where the ‘doers’ plan, the ‘executioners’ execute it, and the media gives it the angle that they have been asked to give and the whole set of people are involved it, one is gonna have a tough time cracking open the whole truth.
      For all we know, the cops knew about the thing and were “directed” to stay out of it. Sounds like a fiction novel conspiracy but the fact that it has been expressed creatively means that it has roots in reality.
      Pakistan seems too obvious an enemy here… brings back a quote to me: “When everyone is thinking alike, nobody is really thinking.”

  11. Could be true. Could be self-deception. As long as the doer remains anonymous, we can float ‘n’ number of theories on his identity, his loyalties and his objectives and yet be doing NOTHING.

    The point is we should not take anything at face-value. Definitely not the media who is too prone to ‘blame games’, ‘tagging games’ and ‘raising-a-smoke-screen’ games.

    This is the absolute confirmatory test for the antibodies of Democracy in our blood. GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!!!

    • I think you picked up the vital point here: media is being made into a smoke screen. There’s another thing i remember: at times, if one of us were sneaking into a room or were doing something we shouldn’t have been doing, we’d make someone stand ‘guard’ over us. If someone came or asked, the ‘guard’ would just point somewhere and yell “Hey look there!!” and everyone would do that while the perpetrator would clear away. That is what the media is doing, the “look there!” thing… that is what we, the ‘New breed” have to detect and be wise enough and not look.

  12. Wow….

    Good One !!!

    • Thanks moiz… feel free to express your point of view…

  13. The same thoughts were going through my mind before…

    • 🙂 I’m glad you agree… feel free to express your point of view at anytime 🙂

  14. Problem is that we’re way too gullible. We believe what the media and the politicians tell us. Do either of them have any investigative stories with them? I raised the very same question last night on Twitter. Why do we jump to the conclusion that its Pakistans fault without having any proof what so ever. Get some proof and then continue with things. And just for the record, the “Aman ki Aasha” bit seems nonsense to me.

    • Exactly my point! Either the media is really naive and is reporting the way it is or it is hand-in-glove with the ‘operators’ of this whole network and are putting up this smoke screen. Either ways, we as an audience are being dumb and are not discerning enough…

      • I wonder how much proof does the media have in the first place to start with its nonsense reporting. What are its sources, are they credible or just a rumour filled source? Never really considered this before jumping to a conclusion and blaming Pakistan. Now its being reported Indian Mujahideen was behind the blasts which mind you has more of Indian hands involved than other nationalities but still we would blame Pakistan for it.

      • funnily, this is the same I.M. that had ‘claimed’ to do the Mumbai attacks… turned out to be hoax…
        the whole deal with reporting is that the idea of speed of cracking news has giving everything else a back seat… even developing sources….

  15. Tragic news reporting and sad part is that we have to believe what they say. I mean, media is supposed to be smart enough to screen the bullshit from the real deal,right?

    • well, that is not true any more is it… advice for all times, DO NOT believe the T.V.

      • So after reading Mujeer’s comment we get a clearer idea of how a news channel is biased towards its originating country. Despite whatever they claim, they cannot be unbiased and just.

      • that’s a fact. Not just country based, within India, even politically biased….

  16. Looking at the other side of the coin. I was working in the middle east recently and happened to see a pakistani channel (equivalent to DD). They were showing a documentary on kashmir. They call it indian occupied kashmir. I was astonished to see some of the claims made in the documentary like indian army soldiers raping women in kashmir, killing children, etc. Some of these claims were also supported by brief interviews of the family members. While i watched it, i realise, dont the indian news channels have similar stories about their armies?
    I am sorry millee, i may have gone away from your point.. But being an indian citizen exposed to the other side of news, i am not sure what to believe. If media on both sides show opposite views (infact stories), then how will this resolve the issue. We are getting pissed with what is shown to us and similarly the common man there is getting equally pissed with what he is being shown.. So, after writing this, if i may ask, whats the right news?

    • sincerely, I have no answer to this. All that you just narrated to me is something we’d studied in class as part of global media. and it’s the same thing everywhere. Chinese media’s version of the arunanchal pradesh issue is a similar problem. Truth is, no media can be trusted…. especially when they are very obviously carrying an agenda.. to those of us who have access to the net, well, we have a wider media network at our disposal but the masses, i am not so sure of….

      • and this is not just an Indian phenomena… Russian news, American news etc are all highly rigged institutions…

  17. fantastic post miilee..agreed

    • thanks Keshav…. feel free to join the debate too 🙂

  18. Awesome post NautankiDevi! 😀 Nice thought!! =)

    • Thenku ji thenku!!

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