Posted by: miilee | February 15, 2010

My Hero….

Had written this in the good old time when I believed in the Cinderella Story and Happily Ever After…  Somehow, though those ideas have left me, I still like reading these lines… And desperately feel like believing in those things again…

My Hero…

There he comes,
Not on a white horse, or a chariot.
Not with a flying cape and superpowers.
Neither swinging from vines and trees,
Nor walking in a ray of purest sunlight.
He just comes,
Walking down the aisle towards me,
in the supermarket, on this Sunday.
Pushing the cart before him.
His eyes gentle and blue.
A quiet strength in his strides.
I can tell, there’s a song on his mind,
and I keep looking at him,
even as he walks towards me.
Then his gaze finds mine,
and he comes up to me and says;
“Are you done, honey?”
And there he is!
My love!
My Hero!



  1. Beautiful… simply beautiful.. keep writing!

    • 🙂 thanks… this was one of my first works…

  2. I put a gun to ur head. You don’t talk, u think. Why?
    i say, bitch.. Hand over your charismatic writing style.. I need it.

    • lol..!! you already have some skill yourself… keep up with Dr. Kiksta… 🙂

  3. hahahaha nice !!!

    • *takes a bow* Thengu!!

  4. i liked da rings ! awsome *bling*

    • lol… My diamond solitaire is much better 🙂

  5. fairy tales seem true after reading such works!

    • All I’m saying is I Wish!!!

  6. Loved the flow of the modern Cinderella story.

    • 🙂 thanks! Cinderella is sure my most favorite Disney creation of all times..

      • My favourite is…
        Well not really in love with that!

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