Posted by: miilee | February 21, 2010

Advocating GenY…

The other day, I was traveling in the train and like it happens several times, I happened to over hear this particular conversation between two women about the young generation; my generation.

Both of them took it in turns to call us irresponsible, rash, irreverent, characterless, immoral, disobedient, and a hundred and one other things, all the time, looking pointedly at me and another group of college girls sitting close by.

Now there comes a time, every once in a while where one’s tolerance comes to a breaking point and then one can’t take it any more. That was just such a point.

All my life, I’ve been hearing about this unending list of complaints about these supposed flaws of my generation. I put my foot down here and take it upon myself to advocate my generation’s cause.
So a few things first:

So we are irresponsible, are we? Well, it also happens to be a statistical fact that there are around 250% more social workers, social activists and social entrepreneurs in my generation than the earlier one.

My generation is immoral, is it? Yet, we happen to be the first generation throughout history for having shown the world, innumerable examples of having reached across the wide chasms of discriminations and fulfilled the duties of being human beings. My generation is the one that has taken up the daunting challenge of erasing the many scars on the face of humanity.

There are young people out there who are striving to make this planet a better place to live for the generations to come.

It is not my generation that has ruined the forests and absorbed all the natural resources and given the earth a plastic coating. Neither is it my generation’s fault that our populations are as explosive as this.

We may make loud music, but it is also a fact that we know how to be loud to get things straightened out. We may not spend hours praying in temples or churches, but neither do we attack people because they are not the same religion as us.

My generation may be young, but it is not foolish. People my age do not burn their wives or daughter-in-laws. Neither do they abort female children. We may be ‘forward’ and much more at ease with people of the opposite sex, but at least we don’t give a damn about their race. We learn fast, act fast and expect results faster. We are tolerant of all faiths but we don’t tolerate wrong doing.

It is us out there, facing the ‘Big Bad’ world at raw teenage years; a world that we got in heritage.
It is us out there, cleaning up the mess that we were handed down….. by people of the earlier ‘responsible’, ‘respectful’, ‘God-fearing’ and ‘morally upright’ generation.

Though I have all the reason to point an accusing finger at the earlier generation, I won’t because along with being disrespectful and churlish, It is also second to pushing the blame and responsibility.

But just because I’m not doing it, doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about it.

We are carrying the cross for several faults that weren’t our’s to begin with. We’re under tremendous stress to save the world from a horrid and terrible future because we care about what we pass on to our children. It is a tough pill to swallow and still keep a smile; that takes some balls to do. And we’re doing it.

So, for the last time,if you can’t appreciate the good that we’re doing, DON’T call us irresponsible. ‘Cause of all the things, that is the last adjective applicable to us and you are the last people to use it.



  1. Whoa….!! I agree… We are far more broad-minded than d previous generation and that shows… And if they know so much about us like d irresponsible, disobedient,… n all… pls tell them that we don’t give damn to what they think… n i surely want my mom to read this one u wrote…. !!!!!

    • My mom flew off the handle at me for this and came up with the ultimate line; Don’t argue with me!

      Well, I guess it’s time to do just that. Argue!

  2. Well written.

  3. Hey Millee!!
    Nice one, but one of the things I would like to say that the older generation had some limitations.Today we are living in a world where we are able to get any information within a click of a mouse sitting in our house/college & that was not available during their days.Without mobiles & other means of communication their whole view point was flawed & influenced by society. They were like those frogs who thought the well is their world & nothing exists outside.

    • I agree Nitin, And that’s why I’ve said that I don’t point a finger at them. Their conditions were different. But they’ve GOT to stop badgering us with those labels ya! It gets to a point of irritation that they’ll probably never understand….

  4. i don’t think there is anything to prove for……..and older generation is doing it cause they must have got the same form their ancestors ……god knows why we are always comparing……..may be i’ll do it when i reach their age……..we are all human and where as human has done some great work……we have also done some shitty business too……

    leaving the generation gap behind……one generation have to move forward to close the distance………and i don’t know who will be that ….?


    • I have no grudge against them. As a young person, I will willingly take up the task of bridging the gaps. But it is a difficult job to do when they are scoffing about each move of mine. It is like I extend a hand of support and they turn their back with a scoff and call me insolent and argue about how young people must touch feet, not shake hands…

  5. this should be a post for every person of the earlier gen. u have spat every word in my mind on the plate for them to read, beautiful, honest and real. may be we wont argue either cuz that would in turn make us ‘ungrateful’ and ‘disobedient’ but definitely a thought that should be planted in their heads, that the baton of blame is easy to pass on than to see how much harm it has caused in its previous journey. a heartfelt applause for this one. * claps*

    • Thanks Shraddha. This really was a spiteful post and one that came from deep within me. I am ready to take on the world full of challenges. The least I expect of them is non interference, if not praise.

  6. What goes around comes around.

    you will realize this as time goes by.

    we did.

    • I sincerely hope that we get the fruits for all that we’re doing… We have the patience to wait but it is scarily looking like a lost cause…

  7. hmm that Lady hit a Raw nerve…I could see that from your post. I feel that each generation is actually jealous of the coming generation.

    I do not know which generation I belong too..I am kinda stuck in the middle…Once you grow a bit older you become cynical in Life and forget that once we did the exact same things the new generation is doing 🙂

    The same passion, the same anger and the same hope did drive us too…but it took a back seat when life and reality took charge.

    I am not here to preach…but I faced the exact same criticism from people when I was your age. Thankfully I do not criticise the younger generation cause I remember my days 🙂

    • Criticism and cynicism I can stand till they are on rational basis. If they keep telling us that what we’re doing is the rage of youth etc, I’d still take it in my stride. But calling us irresponsible is taking it beyond my tolerance threshold.

  8. Jst a quick note to say that I like your writing style and discovered that you are a avid read (which I appreciate.)

    Will be following your blog too.


    • Thanks for dropping by Ankur! Welcome to my blog!

  9. hey miilee! awesome post..
    and for your awesomer blog, i am presenting with a tag and award.. congrats..

    • Thanks!!! How nice of you!!! Honored!!!

  10. hi,your blog is a great one to read i’ll be following you from now on….


    • Hey! Glad you liked it 🙂 Welcome to my blog.. feel free to comment absolutely anywhere… 🙂

  11. hey miilee!
    I have an award for you!
    “I Love Your Blog Award” 😀

    • Thanks so much Addy 🙂 I’m glad you liked my blog 🙂

  12. Milee,
    well expressed…
    I am gonna take a print out of this entry and will stick one in my class room and home…
    Love the blog…
    So you ‘ve got another follower for ur blog 🙂

    • hey! Welcome to my blog! and am glad you liked it…. 🙂 feel free to share it any which way you like … 🙂 (but do include mera little naam!!) lol.. enjoy!!

      • milee a rare and unique name 🙂

      • not really a rare name… and that is just my pen name..

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