Posted by: miilee | February 25, 2010

Much Much White Fluff!!

(This post is an off shoot from the main post, “The Endless *wow*.” It won’t really matter if you haven’t read it though.. 🙂 )

Right from the time I got that message from a fellow classmate about the Industrial Visit going to Sikkim, there was only one delightful thought on my mind – Snow!!

The only ‘snow’ that I’d encountered so far was the thermocol and aerosol spray one during Christmas and the mere idea of the real thing has had me smiling for years. Knowing that we’d soon be walking through snow had me giggling like a little child sitting amidst a stack of freshly unwrapped gifts.

I’d been praying for weeks for all the heavenly objects and powers to co-operate with our humble plan and not foil it with some nasty trick.

All the way to Sikkim, I’d been bubbling with the anticipation. I had beautiful dreams of making snowmen and playing like a wild child in the white fluff. At times, I wished I was a little girl with two little pony tails so I could actually do all the mischief and get away with it.

So finally, when we did leave for Nathula from Gangtok, I sat by the window, my eyes scanning as far as possible for that one sliver of white; for my first sight of snow.

I had to wait a good three hours. We’d all been warned against the cold and altitude sickness. Severe headaches, dizziness, shallow breathing etc were expected. The others in my car were using music as a distraction from possible altitude induced distress and the driver was happily complying with his collection of CD’s. But none of that was on my mind; I’d been drinking loads of water and doing all the things required to avoid missing the fun and had my eyes trained on the scene outside.

The change was gradual; from the curving city roads of Gangtok to the outskirts to the road cutting through the Himalayan rocks. Every time we turned a corner, I held my breath and crossed my fingers.

Then finally, around one turn, I saw a streak of white way ahead on the road. It was a tiny frozen waterfall! Almost all of us shrieked in unison! The music forgotten, the cameras clicking madly, the energy levels soared so high, it was comical.

A few minutes later, we saw little patches of snow lining the road and then turned to find entire hill sides cuddled beneath the white blanket. It was a moment of “Hurrah!!” for me. I longed to stop and go bounding into the snow like a comic character. If I’d had it my way, I probably would have gone running all over that hill side, cackling like a maniac. All of a sudden, I was missing being a child.

The next few hours, though I talked and interacted etc, most of my conscious mind was with the snow around. The white snow that lay under foot and the white cape on all those mountains around  us.

Those mountains were another thing all together! Their majesty would humble any creature walking this earth. But like a silk evening coat on a Count, the snow added to their charm.

I think I was smiling for the better part of that day. Every time I looked around to all that snow, something shifted in me and that little girl in me smiled like an idiot; a smile that reflected on my face.


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