Posted by: miilee | February 25, 2010

Sipping Excellence

(This post is an off shoot from the main post, “The Endless *wow*.” It won’t really matter if you haven’t read it though.. 🙂 )

Anyone who knows me also knows that I am a tea person. Along with the fact that a Chai ka pyala  is a necessary element of my day, I also harbour a fetish for different varieties of the beverage. From iced and flavoured to camomile flower infused earl greys, I love them all.

Unfortunately, no one I know is into tea the way I would like it. So I haven’t had anyone to teach me how to ‘drink’ tea in a manner that will give me the best of the flavour. It has been trial and error for me so far.

So Darjeeling obviously held that charm for me; the tea drinker’s destination. We had a visit to one of the largest tea sellers scheduled on our itinerary and it definitely was one of the most anticipated visit for me. I was aiming at buying a little tea for my family and a few varieties for myself. (I am a rat about hoarding up my supplies!)

When we eventually made our way to the place, we were welcomed by a Mr. Nalin Modha, an expert in the field. After initial introductions, we were let into the tea shop.

For one, I was floored by the sheer variety of tea around me. There was a waffling fragrance in the air and in that cold climate, it felt heavenly!

As would be expected, there was a jostling at the main counter with almost 60 of us trying to make up our minds and buy tea. In the meanwhile, I got  into conversation with Mr. Modha who told me about tea tasters etc. He offered me a sample of the green tea and instructed me on the proper way of drinking it. I followed his instructions; take a tiny sip, hold it in your mouth, take it to the back of your mouth then bring it back to the tip of your tongue and then gently swallow it.

I’d had green tea before but this felt so much better! There was a distinctly different flavour that laced the drink and stayed in my mouth long after that little sip. I held the tiny cup in my palms and slowly finished the drink, savouring each sip as I went around the shop.

Each sip was a sigh of contentment and I was just telling myself that it doesn’t get any better than this. I shouldn’t have been surprised at how wrong I was proved shortly.

Over the next half an hour, I tasted mint tea, camomile flower infusion etc and loved each sip of each cupful. Finally, I made my purchases; Darjeeling tea, Green Tea, Peach flavoured Green Tea, Earl Grey and a dainty little tea strainer for myself. Some corner of me was squirming at the expenses but I very conveniently ignored it.

Then one of the staff brought me another tiny cup of tea; an infusion that looked like gold water. I asked him what tea it was and Mr. Modha, watching over my shoulder told me that it was White Tea; the most expensive variety on offer.

I took the cup, closed my eyes and sipped it the way I had just learnt.

I am sure there was a time lapse in that moment. As the liquid spread in my mouth, I was transported to another world. My eyes were glued shut and I had absolutely no intention of opening them. If I could taste happiness, it would taste like that. It was liquid bliss in my mouth.

It had a delicate flavour; not something that hits your palate with force. As I swilled it in my mouth, it played with my senses and it was delightful.

Slowly, I swallowed that first sip and opened my eyes, expecting to see some sort of a dream land opened up for me. Instead, I saw Mr. Modha standing before me, smiling.

“Liked it?” he asked.

And all I could say was, “Wow….”



  1. never got attracted to tea or coffee…….still don’t drink it….even if it’s free 🙂

    it burns my upper palate and the taste buds…’s not like i’m a professional wine taster…..but still i love my taste buds…..


    • lol!! try to sip it when it cools down… and there is also a whole variety in iced teas…. they’re worth it! trust me, the White tea was beautiful!!

  2. After reading you site, Your site is very useful for me .I bookmarked your site!

    • I’m glad you liked it:) welcome to my blog ..

  3. I am very much grateful to you for this and felt happy,that my small advise has given you so much pleasure to drink Tea.This is one of the most beautiful brew created by God(1st) and made by Managers in the factory to bring down that wonderful aroma in to your cup.It is pure nectar you drink when you drink the Tea.Pls keep in touch and any information you need about Tea,then let me know.

    • Mr. Modha! This is indeed a pleasure!! I lost the card that you’d written out your contact details on and was feeling so sorry for not being able to contact you..!! I’m so glad that you found my blog and have left a comment…
      And indeed, tea is one of Creation’s magic elements… am almost out of my Peach tea and am thinking of re-stocking soon 🙂

  4. Miilllee,
    nice to see you on net and thanks for your reply.I can send you the peach tea if you want so..I am having some of the most beautiful 1stflush of this year and if you want,then I can send you the sample so let me know pls.I hope I have explain you about all 4 flush in Darjeeling Tea and their flavour?this is one brew which can not copied because Darjeeling’s mystical & magical climate which brings aroma in tea cuppa as per season and till date scince also been not able to crack it. pls stay in touch and let me know your requirement and your address to with phone number pls.

    • That’s really wonderful Mr. Modha… I’ll get in touch with you via mail soon…

  5. you always welcome

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