Posted by: miilee | February 25, 2010

The Blue Ribbon

(This post is an off shoot from the main post, “The Endless *wow*.” It won’t really matter if you haven’t read it though.. 🙂 )

In this worried age of climate change and environmental degradation, we’ve learnt to align the image of a dirt clogged black body of filth with the idea of a river. The colour of water is blue only in children’s books and first grade art class books.

Probably that is why the sight of the Teesta river knocked me out for sixes. The bus that we were travelling in took a smooth turn along the mountain and there, right before my fatigued eyes danced that blue maiden-like river. I was struck speechless (a condition totally unlikely of someone as talkative as me, yet a phenomenon that was to recur frequently over the days to come.)

There was such gay abandon in that river as she danced over the rocks that I had this insane urge to leap right out of my window, over the bridge and into her folds as she hurtled to meet the sea. She (for the life of me, the river was so lively, I just cannot possibly use a pronoun as inanimate as ‘it’.) was a blue ribbon twisting through the hair of the mountains. She was a song of the purest delight known to creation. She was the timeless laugh of the land.

I was reduced to a state of suspended animation as I  sat there, stuck to the window.

I don’t know how long I sat there like that. All I know is someday, when I feel fatigued, hopeless, down and depressed, the mere memory of this moment will re-energise me and give me the strength to follow my destined path with the same gay abandon as she picked her way to the sea.



  1. It’s been ages to see a river as blue as this one…..last one i saw was when i went to my native Uttrakhand….i was…..10-11 yrs…there the water was blue…..

    but then i never went back….as i was living in Delhi….Yamuna still is as muddy as quicksand…… heard some NGO taken up responsibility to clean Yamuna…..even Delhi government is trying so…….but what can we expect…….

    • I grew up on a hill station and really miss those beautiful lakes of Lonavla. Mumbai water bodies depress me… that’s why these glimpses of nature energize me…

  2. Its Neat(blue ribbon).. Keep It ON.
    I am your Big FAN..

    • I’m glad you liked it! Hope you’ve subscribed to my blog… And Welcome to my blog! feel free to express and share anywhere you like 🙂

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