Posted by: miilee | March 4, 2010

The Good Samaritan In Us

How many times have you stood by and watched something happen and wished from the bottom of your heart that you could do something to stop it. Break ups….. heart breaks… burn outs….  friend falling for drugs……  friend in a violent relationship…..  divorces….


I wonder how many of you have seen death before your very eyes. Not in its docile form in a hospital or on a sick-bed where it is expected. But its nastier, meaner role; Maybe in a mall, or on a busy road or a park or someplace where it shouldn’t be.

I saw death like that.

She was a newly married woman; the daughter of one of the many acquaintances my family had in our little town. When she’d fallen down those steps, to my eleven year old sight, it looked like a slow motion shot from a movie. Only that movies have happy endings. Aradhana’s end wasn’t happy.

It was sudden.

She was 26, three months into her marriage, had just started her own confectionery business, was extremely happy and was not at all an eligible candidate for Death.

Aradhana was an amazing person. She was sensitive, caring, gently and generous. If there was anything that she could do to ease someone’s burden, she would. Even if that meant fitting an hour of visiting the orphanage in her day packed with the baking and making of sweets, she would gladly do it. If someone said, “oh, help!” on a sigh, she would hear it a mile away and come running. Even now, I can almost see her hurrying over, wiping her sugary hands on her apron to help another victim of circumstances.

I remember waiting near the phone to know what the doctors had to say when they took her to the hospital. All the while, I wished I could help her somehow; help the woman who would have readily run to help even if Atlaswould have asked for assistance.

It’s been almost a decade since that day and along with the thousand things that I learnt since, I also learnt that she could have been saved. If only someone around would have known how to administer first aid, apparently she would have been alive today. There was something about the way her neck was positioned on the way to the hospital that took her life. A life that was beautiful, creative and was just beginning.

When my brother, Anish started this project called the Good Samaritans Dream, I thought of Aradhana. The project seeks to train people in basic and essential first aid skills; to equip them to save lives. To empower them with the skills required to stop any more Aradhanas from dying needlessly.

As I sit here on my chair and read through the Project’s details, I can almost hear Aradhana’s high lilting voice asking me to read out the details to her. As I do that, I feel her reading it over my shoulder, her specs on her nose and in her trademark manner, I can see her wiping her hands on her apron….. her “getting-ready-to-help-save-the-world” gesture….

Some things pretty don't last long... But Oh, what a fragrance they have...



  1. That is sad, to say the least, and since I have also been through this, losing the best of friend to the untimely cruel death, I cannot but cry at this juncture.
    And pointed out very well about the first aid, I think its nearly essential.

    • 🙂 do check out the project…

  2. A nice blog, with interesting designs. The widgets are cool too. Keep it up

    • Hey, Thanks! I hope you visit again.. 🙂

  3. Sad story!

    Your blog is just great 🙂

    hags marinela x x

    • Thanks for visiting Marinela….. I hope you like the rest of my posts too.. 🙂

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