Posted by: miilee | March 10, 2010

A Workaholic’s Smokescreen

I’m just rambling in this one, but I really need to get this out of my system. So here goes:

We – All of us – must have some sort of an escapist gene in us. Especially the professionals.

Whenever life gets too much for us to handle, we work. We take on much much more than what our jaws are designed to chew and then totally drain ourselves trying to get it done.

We put ourselves behind a smokescreen of workaholism so that we can blame work for the late nights and stress and dark circles. We work so that we can fool ourselves into believing that all our problems are ones with logical, solvable ends. That rationale rules our world. That illogical, irrational, unsolvable emotionally distressing problems have no place in our lives.

We live in denial. Like children, we like to fool ourselves about Santa Clause and Prince Charming. We like to tell ourselves and everyone that no matter how hard the problem is, there is a logical solution to it. That there is a way out and that all will be well.

But the thing with this sort of fooling around is that in the end, it is all still a smoke screen and the smoke is bound to disperse at some point. Some where, that overworked jaw gives up and refuses to chew any more and that cowardly escapist in us has to face the mess. When that happens, all you feel like doing is curling up into a ball and crying and wishing desperately to slip into an eternal sleep.

They have several names for the stage when that happens; mental disturbance, nervous breakdown etc etc… but basically, it is just that kid in us finding out that there is no Santa Clause or Prince Charming…….



  1. Good one Miilee!

    Lot of good questions you have put there to people! Hope to read more of your posts!


    • Just in this state of mind… pretty much of a mess myself.. 😦

      • Though I can sense it a little. The post is just too good! Well written one! Good job! Hope everything turns better with you soon! 🙂

      • thanks…

  2. I guess u are a little out of energy here…. There are problems and there is always a solution … sometimes we are in the right spirit to face them and sometimes we are not. And moreover the time taken for us to replenish our energy increases with age. So at some point in time our enerylessness makes us think the problem is impossible to solve.
    – That was just sharing , hope u don mind. 😉

    • what do you do when you’re in love with someone who doesn’t even care about your existence? how do you stop missing your dog who you had to give away while shifting homes? how do you stop crying when you have absolutely no clue what it is that’s making you cry? there are somethings that have no answers… really…

      • I think there are two ways of approaching a problem. The logical way(my way) and the emotional way.We also can’t choose the best of two, all we can do is just choose the one that best suits us. I can answer these questions in no time but will never be the answer that you are expecting.

      • Logic answers logic. There is no answer to emotions and that was the whole point of my post. That some of us lean on logic for help when emotions seem to go no where but at some point, it all boils over…

      • Hmmmmm… Logic answers problem. There is nothing called an emotional problem. I think this post is the exact opposite of the situation. We convert hard problems to emotional and forget to realize the fact that all we need is just few more time to analyze and come to a logical conclusion.

      • you can’t say there are no emotional problems. Probably you’ve never come across any. and everyone is not as cold cut and dried as that.
        and the post is about what I think…

  3. all things have piled up for you i guess… you also seem to be down these days(maybe coz of last days in college)
    and ya its same for all of us… all the bad, sad past thought curl up in our mind at such times… Sometimes we cant help it!!
    like even now as your throwing your emotion into this note…

    • *hugs*

  4. Hang in there…dear…things will be back to normal…try thinking of positive things in your life rather than concentrating on what is wrong. Such questions do not have any answers. They just make you leaving miserable and lonely.

    Go see a good friend and talk your heart out. You will feel a bit lighter and will be better equipped to deal with problems.

    • I guess I don’t have the ‘see friend and talk’ option on my board. This post is just as good as it gets for me… I know it will pass.. I’m just gonna wait it out till the storm dies down..

  5. Agreed! 🙂

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