Posted by: miilee | March 15, 2010

A Bite of Childhood…

Who said Time traveling is an impossibility? I travel through time almost everyday.

Every morning on my way to college, when my train crosses the Ville Parle station, an intoxicating aroma drifts through the train for a mere few moments. It is the smell of the Parle G biscuits; the factory that makes them is right next to the station. My stomach (no matter how stuffed) has never failed to respond with a loud and wistful rumble.

But at that precise moment, my mind too gets carried away; it pranced off into that distant place called Childhood.

Suddenly, I am a little girl of 10, my clothes all dirty and stained, my cheeks rosy but hidden under the mud from the play ground, and drenched in a record-breaking sweat after hours of rowdy playing. All I can see is a tall glass of milk and a whole packet of Parle G biscuits sitting on the table. Dashing to grab it before mom yells at me to get into the bathroom; snatching a few biscuits despite the frantic yelling; stuffing one quickly into my mouth and then letting a smile of victory spread over my face as the delicious thing dissolves in my mouth. Then after 15 minutes of being scrubbed to an inch of being skinned by my mom, sitting back at the table, all clean and hungry. Then dipping each biscuit carefully in the milk; not too long or the thing will dissolve into the milk, and not too quick for the biscuit won’t take in enough milk.

In a matter of minutes an entire packet of biscuits is finished and so is most of the milk. Hunger satisfied and taste buds happy, slipping off the chair to get on with other things with the pleasure of Parle G still on my mind….

If there were some way in which I could relive just that one hour from my childhood, I’d do it. And I’d relish every tiny particle of the milk and biscuits. I’d close my eyes and trap in my memory, the feel, texture and the very experience.

Some flavors, some aromas have memories attached to them.

And for me Parle G has been and will always be, a bite of Childhood…



  1. Beautifull…Parle-G is the only biscuit that pleasantly haunts the palate and reminds you of those days…
    even today if i get hold of one it makes me feel like a child…loved the article.

    • 🙂 We were all part of the same memory… 🙂 remember the VPS ground??

  2. Good 1.. n i remember wat effect d Parle-G n chai had on melvon d next dat of Lohagad !!!!!
    … 🙂 Parle-G… 🙂 love it

    • Hahahaha!! yeah!!

  3. Nostalgia.. #ilikethis

    • 🙂 It is THE BEST biscuit ever!!!

  4. I love Parle G….I also dipped them in water nd ate 🙂

    • you’re kidding!!! in WATER??? it tastes good??

  5. A colleague eats it twice a week, only w/ water!!! I tried it, but didn’t like it much!!!……..[it’s for people who don’t lyk it sweet.]

    I prefer mine w/ tea……& m d only 1 in our college who buys a Parle G when we r having chai…….though everyone eats a share from it!!!

    I’ve been eating it since i was 10, & i still have a couple of them daily w/ my chai!!! 🙂 A v v long affair!!! 🙂

    And to the post, As usual, V. well written!!! :))

    • Hahaha!!! I kno!! it sure is a long relationship..!! n thanks for dropping by.. mere blog pe aapka swagat hai… 🙂

  6. 😀
    Well, if u remember, u were d one who inspired me to start writing…….& u still do!!!
    So, its always a pleasure to drop by!!! 🙂

    PS: u surely have forgotten 1 thing. No Thanks!!! 😉

    • lol… ohk baba… !! but I’m still glad that you dropped by.. 🙂

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