Posted by: miilee | March 17, 2010

Finally!! I’m now a Rank holder!!

Way back in school, I remember how ‘holding a Rank’ was SUCH a big deal!! In the convent that I attended for my primary, there were teachers who looked only at the rank holders in class and treated the rest of us like furniture.

But the rebel that I am, I never really cared. I always believed that holding a rank was synonymous to being a snobbish book-worm who had no practical skills and barely enjoyed the finer things in life and didn’t have the guts to run risks. In a nut shell, I HATED ranks and rank holders.

Retrospectively, I think I hated all the rank and marks funda for the simple reason that I hated the thing that we were being graded on; how much we could mug up and puke out onto our exam papers. If, back then I was given a rank, say, for trekking or singing or any of the many things I liked doing, I’d have put my life and soul into getting the highest rank.

But Fate is a leveler, you see. So I was destined to get ranked for something that I love doing. My all time love has been writing (and in effect, blogging) and so, when  IndiBlogger gave me an  IndiRank of 75/100, for the first time in my life, I was proud of being a Rank holder.

I love my blog and I love it when I know that people like what I put up. So the more the comments and ‘likes’ and ratings, the more I feel like posting stuff. So essentially, major credit for this ranking goes to all those people who read my blog and comment. A Big Thank You to all of you for helping me to the Only worthwhile rank of my life!



  1. Hey! Congrats lady! That’s quite an achievement! 🙂

    Keep them coming!

    I’m also against the ranking system that is followed in our education system where more important is given to bookish knowledge than the real world knowledge. Lets hope someday the education system changes. It would also reduce the suicide cases and stress students go through….

    • I know…. I wish to help out in the field of correcting our education system. Actually, I want to help out in correcting a lot of flaws… hopefully will manage at least a few before my time is gone… 🙂

  2. Hey congrats! Mine is 79 (please don’t hate me for it :p)

    I was never a rank holder myself but I rose to the occasion a couple of times and this is one of those times 🙂

    I think your blog is one of the best finds in indiblogger for me personally 🙂

    • wow!! this comment is better than any ranking!! i’m so glad that my work appeals to people like you..!! Thanks!! And Congrats on the rank!!

  3. wow! so hv been a rebel……i thought so!
    awesome rank! (and I AM NOT AT ALL JEALOUS OF THE FACT THAT YOU GOT A BETTER RANK THAN ME!) kidding………..great going! keep rocking the blogosphere…………

    • Thanks!! and irrespective of the ranking, I love your blog more than most others..!! so u too keep tickling all our funny bones!!

  4. congratulations…’s wishing that your ranking goes up even higher in the next Indirank 🙂

    • Thank you Sooooooo much for being such a regular reader!!

  5. Congo…. now waitin 4 u to go 1/100… dat would be BESTEST..!!!!

    • no darling! the rank is like marks… I scored a 75 on 100… so 1 on 100 would be bad!!

  6. oh shucks….. so 100/100 … my bad… 🙂

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