Posted by: miilee | March 18, 2010

Dil Se Mumbai!!


It’s so subtle and constant that we miss some of the most significant changes; around us and in us. But every once in a while, when one glances at life’s rear view mirror, the difference simply takes one’s breath away.

I’ve been helping out with a survey for Galli Galli Sim Sim’s latest ventures into the Anganwadis that come under the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) of the State Government. We’re a team of seven working under Ira Joshi, the Galli Galli Sim Sim rep from Delhi.

The survey required us to go to areas of Jogeshwari and Powai amongst many others and between us seven Mumbaikars, we managed to convince Ira that the Mumbai locals are not fatal!

Now funnily, as I walked with Ira and another volunteer outside Andheri station and heard Ira talk of the scare the crowd gave her, I remembered my first local train journey.

And I looked around me.

Here I was, so completely at ease with the seemingly maddening crowd. Was this the very crowd that had scared the shit out of me  just three years ago? Seemed really fantastic that I, the ultimate lover of the Mumbai locals even at the peak of the rush hour had once stood quivering at Malad station to catch the 7:04 Churchgate Fast.


You do miss change; especially when it is yourself that’s changing.

Three years ago, I was terrified of Mumbai. Today, I can’t think of being anywhere else.

As I was analyzing all those things which make Mumbai scary and those that make it endearing, a random thought licked at my mind; Mumbai is like a huge Labrador Dog. It can come across a ferocious and even intimidating till you don’t see the wagging tail.

I’m glad to see that tail!!



  1. Hey, Great Post. Just reminds me that change is constant and that we all change and grow as people.

    Congrats for your Indirank !

    • Thanks!!! And yeah.. change sure is constant..

  2. Loved the labrador simile (or is it a metaphor? I’m always confused!)…

    four years in Mumbai and I am still in freak-mode when it comes to local trains… may be I am a bit too pampered by the IIT campus 😉

    • lol!! it is a simile… 🙂

  3. hehe.. good 1… but ever try catching 08:08 from Malad… there its official to take a blow and enter d train!!!

    • been there done it dude… have traveled by almost every train by now… and trust me, being tall helps!!!

  4. Aha.. Mumbai trains have a thrill of their own.. It’s an amazing experience through the crowds and the chatter.

    I’m sure you must be liking it now.. 🙂

    • I love them now!!!

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