Posted by: miilee | March 21, 2010

Study, U stupid thing!! NOT Sleep!!!

This happens before every exam. No Kiddin!! Without fail!! Most predictably I have this tug-of-war with my brain!!

We HAVE to have this fight every bloody time!!

I mean, cummon!! How difficult is it to understand one simple instruction? Study!

That’s all I am asking it to do and it won’t listen to me!!

I didn’t have this much trouble training my dog you know… And this thing is supposed to be a part of me! Supposedly an in-disposable part of my anatomy! It is supposed to help me look good!! And tell me how does NOT studying fit anywhere into the picture??

I swear I have never come across anything as stubbornly non co-operative as my brain. I mean even Gandhians co-operated more  with the British!

When I drag it out for the evening runs, it first claws onto everything including the door mat like a cat being dragged out by the tail! So completely unwilling to get out that I have to use headphones as a bait to get it out. Then once out on the street, it runs way out of control to all possible corners of Fantasy Land. (a side effect of which is a stupid grin pasted to my face)

Finally when I do get it to come back, it retreats right into the fridge and sits cuddled up with that bar of Bournville.  *sigh*

And the Before-The-Exams time is hell!

It doesn’t just not co-operate. It rebels!

Me: Ok, we’ve gotta finish one chapter today.

Brain: *hums some tune*

Me: Are you listening? We’re doing one chapter today!

Brain: *startled* Wha..?? You talkin to me?? Sorry, I was distracted…

Me: Yeah… I kinda got that…  But listen, We’ve gotta get ready for the exams… So let’s do some work  today.. ok.. ?

Brain: *absently toying with a thought* hmm…..


Brain: *jumps with a start* What! I heard you!

Me: Then react will you?

Brain: What do you want me to do? Dance the tango?

Me: No, but you sure could be a little less frigid about it!

Brain: Yeah.. fine!! Let’s cram ourselves up… You with junk food and me with junk answers… Why not!

Me: Yeah… whateva.. Let’s just start ok..  * rummaging through notes* so what do we have here… let’s begin with the Press Laws and Ethics paper…. See, we could start with the Right to Information Act or with Defamation Laws. What do you want to do…??

Brain: ….

Me: Are you listening??? what do you want to do?? RTI, or Defamation??


Me: What the heck are you DOING!! Answer me!!

Brain: …ZZzzzZZZ….zzzZZZzzz…

Me: Ah darn it!! Wake up you dumb thing!! I said STUDY!!! not SLEEP!!!

Brain: *turns over and snores*

Me: *kicks it with a caffeine shot*  Get up!! Sleep once we’re done with the Right to Information..

Brain: I HAVE A RIGHT TO SLEEP!!! TO HELL WITH ALL OTHER RIGHTS!!!!  *turns over again n sleeps… SNORES!!*

Me: *~*Sigh*~*



  1. this is the first time I am reading this blog..and I must say VERY INNOVATIVE design..

    and equally fun article..had fun reading it..!!

    and hey i just noticed a new style of asking to subscribe viz email..SUPERB..!!

    • Well, I’m glad u liked the blog. Though the theme design and all are WordPress designed, so the credit is theirs..

  2. hahahaha…. too good yaar… especially dis line “Let’s cram ourselves up… You with junk food and me with junk answers… ”
    ya dis always happens to me n i giv up way easily n sleep…. zzzz!!!!!!!!!

    • lol… i kno… i remember ur status updates during ur exams…

  3. Really hilarious but very true! it is the exact actual feeling that you have put through words.

    • Thanks mustafa! I’m glad you liked my post.. 🙂

  4. great one! i m in love with your brain! we have so much in common! 😀

    • Lol!! So I finally overcame my creative block a little… enough to write this atleast… now back into inertia for the exam period…. 😛

  5. That was exceedingly hilarious!
    Loved the conversations.
    And was definitely as true as the sun!

    • lol… I wish I could impress my examiners as much as I impress people on my blog….

      • Well, that is something most great student bloggers will moan about!
        Never the less, you excel on one front, and so the other you can manage pretty well I suppose.

      • haha… i hope so… thanks anyway!!

  6. My brain says, “it was Rocking!!!”………my sleeping hours went to 12 hours from 8 during exams last month….& now in vacations,……..they have come down to 6!!! 😉
    Needless to say, very well-written!!! 🙂

    • lol..!! so i’m not the only one.. 🙂

  7. haahahahhahaaa…………..

    you have all the traits of a scorpion…and yet you are not…….when ever i have a problem….i sleep over it…….because the best part being me is….i take nothing to my bed…….. 🙂

    so whatever it is……by the time i wake up….it’s all gone and i would have ideas to work around it…..

    best of luck for your egg-jams……

    give your brain a kick……literally… a tap on the head….you must have heard it…….

    “Ghosts of the Kicks …..not listening to the talks”




  8. TOO GOOD! as always! 🙂

    A wonderful representation of the pre-exam thoughts! 😀

    kitna jyaada sochti hai be tu??!! 😛

    gr8 one!! 😀

    • lol….. too much i think na?? fun it is!!

  9. hahahaha…….

    • yes yes…. easy for you to laugh…. r brain doesn’t go on snooze an hour before exams!!

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