Posted by: miilee | March 26, 2010

Just One Post

Note: this is not to be considered as a regular blog post. You know those times when you feel like shouting just to get the junk out of your system? when you bury your head in the pillow and yell?? Yeah… this is something like that.. So please go on with your work and ignore all the noise I’m making. I’ll be fine in a while.. Trust me…

I know I had said that I wasn’t gonna post anything till exams got done but you see, like Po, the Panda in KungFu Panda who eats when he’s upset, I too have a way of letting out..

That’s right!! I write!! (Sounds like an exercise for homophones na??)

Anyway. I have exams coming up soon and my notes are all over the bloody place!! I have absolutely no clue what the University of Mumbai was thinking of when they planned my syllabus and further more I’m not even sure that I know what they wanted me to ‘Study’ after all!!

To cap it, the degree course in Mass Media that I have taken up, Bachelors in Mass Media (BMM) is highly criticized for being insufficient, lacking in a lot of ways, especially training, syllabus etc and it doesn’t give the ‘grounding’ required for it to be a good Professional Course at all.

Now, at the end of three years, though I am more or less certain of what sort of a job I want to take up, I can’t attribute too much of my progress to the course or its curriculum. Whatever I learnt in these three years is thanks to everything other than the University of Mumbai’s design of the BMM course.

So ultimately, I am boiling with frustration, trying to cram in the answers which are of no practical use to me to sit for a worthlessly evaluated exam to get an equally futile degree!! Great!! absolutely fantastic!! Just what the world needs today!!!

*Yells out loudly*



That felt good.. !!

Anyway… back to the notes now!!

(I know the “Don’t read, Ignore this, Totally Ignorable Crap” Warnings at the beginning of posts never work… people read anyway!!)



  1. i want to wish u all d best for your exams.

    • Thanks… 🙂

  2. I feel that too (only sometimes)… “my engineering degree from IIT” (which I’ll get next year) is going to be “wasted” because I am very sure that I’ll never work as an engineer in my life…

    however, I have to attribute a lot of my confidence to the exposure I got in the IIT campus 🙂

    • I too attribute a lot of my self confidence to my H.O.D and a lot of activities that I did through the college… but then why the hell am I taking the degree??!!

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