Posted by: miilee | April 15, 2010


उडती पतंग्सा कही उड़ गया बचपन

कल की शाख से कही जुड़ गया बचपन

किसी गलीमें, कही छूट गया बचपन

सलोने सप्नेसा कही टूट गया बचपन

घुटनों की चोट में कही रो गया बचपन

सप्नोकी खोज में कही खो गया बचपन

पीपल की छाओं में कही रह गया बचपन

पानी के झरने सा कही बह गया बचपन

जवानी के पंख भले दे गया बचपन,

मासूमियत का दीप साथ ले गया बचपन

यादों से एकजुट अब होगया बचपन

पलख झापक्तेही लो गया बचपन….



  1. Good one! ……really appreciate that you wrote in Hindi.. beautiful.

    • Thanks…. I do write hindi poems, but I just had to figure out how to upload it on my blog… I Love writing in hindi n Marathi actually…

  2. khoobsoorat hai ji aapki kavita!

    • bahut shukriya! aapki comment ne hamare blog pe chaar chand laga diye.. 🙂

  3. Hard Work Pays Off… and ya it did.. coz i took 10mins to read dis poem (coz i cant read hindi fast.. frm school days) and it is really beautiful 🙂
    hope you post some more in hindi so dat i can improve my reading skills.. hehe.. Hats Off To You!!!

    • Thanks Michael!! And don’t worry, I write hindi but my reading too is slow… and yeah, I’ll post another one soon 🙂

  4. absolutely beautiful…I did not know you wrote in Hindi…

    You have captured the essence of childhood so well 🙂

    Hope your exams were fine.

    • Yeah, I do write both hindi and marathi since my school times.. just had to figure out how to post a hindi/marathi blog post on WordPress.. 🙂
      I’m glad you liked it…
      and yeah, the exams were superawesomeness!! done today!! am now preparing for a girl’s night out at my place;)

  5. Hi there!

    i just came upon ur blog..though I’m not much into hindi poems, I really liked this poem for its simplicity yet beautiful thoughts..

    I also write poems, though in English..

    I would like to invite you to visit my page at:


    • Hey thanks for droppin by!! btw, most of my work too is in english.. it is just once in a while when i write hindi or marathi… do feel free to go through my Poems Category

  6. great efforts

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