Posted by: miilee | April 18, 2010

A Christmas Wish

Mommy says if I’m a good girl all year,
Be nice and sleep on time each night,
Santa is sure to bring me a present.
So this year, I think, I feel he might.

So I’ve been trying very hard this year.
I’ve done everything right, I swear.
I haven’t troubled mommy at all.
I haven’t even cried for my teddy bear.

I’ve been good to a lot of people
And I’ve eaten every bit in my plate.
I’ve completed all my homework
And I’ve tried never to be late.

I haven’t yelled back at my teacher
Though there were times I wished I could,
I’ve been neat and clean and tidy
And I’ve done everything I think I should.

So now it’s Christmas time again,
“Time for Santa’s Gift”, Says Jack.
So for all that I’ve done and been this year,
Santa, Please… Can I have my Daddy Back??



  1. Why is it that every good thing is preceded by a bad?
    I was so happy to see that cute girl enjoying her way to earning her Christmas gift, and then that last line nearly brought a drop of brine from my eyes!
    Well written though.

    • It’s just that when some wishes are innocent and beautiful and can be fulfilled by an eavesdropping ‘Santa’, there are others that are just as innocent but break one’s heart…

  2. i had read dis on fb before… n again loved to read it.. nd i remember d last line… i guess u said dat the narrator is a soldier’s daughter…
    i really love yr poems..!!!!!

    • thanks Michael… and yeah, that was my intention… narrating for a soldier’s daughter…

  3. wow this is great!
    really beautiful..

    • thanks… glad u liked it….

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