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My classmates and I had started a campaign against Domestic Violence as a part of our Contemporary Issues project work.  I’d written a series of things in support for the same to push it on Facebook etc. The campaign is going on a city scale (beyond our project work, on an official NGO backed initiative) So I thought I’d place my work on the blog as well….. I hope it makes us all think a little more about Domestic Violence not as someone’s personal problem but as a social crime.

It had been ten years since his first bunch of expensive roses and a “Sorry!” note had come to her. She’d been sitting on the porch of their home and the delivery boy had handed her the basket of blossoms and the card. Quickly, she’d wiped the tears off her red, puffy, tear-swollen eyes and taken the things from him.

She still remembered how her eyes had welled up and her heart had melted as she’d read down the long letter he’d written her. He said he was sorry for everything; That he loved her beyond anything else and would do anything to be with her; how her mere presence lit up his entire life and how she is the one person who held his heart in her hands. He’d concluded humbly that he would never again shout at her the way he had that night. He promised that he would never be the cause of any misery to her and that if she couldn’t bring it in herself to forgive him, he’d die of the pain of losing her…… “Sorry Darling…. Forgive me… Don’t leave me..”

She’d held the letter to her bosom and cried even more….. now out of relief….. she hadn’t lost him after all….. he was her’s…… it had been a mistake, and she’d forgive him for it…….

She’d gone in and unpacked her bags and baked a pie for him, to welcome him and mark the new beginning that night……

It had been carnations after that…. he’d bruised her head with the knife-stand. She’d made a new dish for the night. He hadn’t liked it one bit…. “Too spicy”, he’d said….. and hurled the knife stand at her. When she’d gained consciousness, he’d left and she’d cried herself to sleep that night. The carnations arrived the next morning with another letter. He said he was sorry; said he’d had a pig of a day; how she knew about his short temper when he was in a bad mood; said it would never happen again; He loved her more than his life….. “Sorry Darling….. Forgive me….. Don’t leave me….”
And again, she didn’t…..

Next it was white lilies….. After he’d burnt her arm with the hot iron….. the shirt she’d ironed for him had a crease on the sleeve……..
“Sorry Darling….. Forgive me….. Don’t leave me…..”
She grumbled about how he wrote well and managed to persuade her out of her temper each time… but did not leave…..

Then came the tulips…. After he’d broken her jaw a week later for having told him off about coming home drunk……
She’d left this time, even before the note came with the flowers….. so the tulips came to her at her mother’s place the next day, with the note…
“Sorry Darling…. Forgive me….. Please come back…..”
Grudgingly, she’d gone back on some conditions….
They were forgotten in a few days….
Then he’d personally brought her orchids…… after he’d broken her nose in a drunken rage and then had gone on to force himself upon her several times through the night….. she’d been really upset and had thrown the orchids out of the window…… and he’d beaten her senseless for having done that…..


…… Now he brings her flowers everyday…… All sort of flowers and he doesn’t bother with the notes since he knows she wouldn’t read them…. he just sits and cries and keeps muttering his apologies…. keeps asking her to come back to him…..

But he can hardly expect her to rise from her grave now……



  1. chlling story…

    And great work about the campaign…how can I help?
    though I am not in India…I can do my bit sitting here..

    Do let me know.

  2. Amazing write.
    I’ll more than happy to join the cause.

    • Thanks so much…. will keep u ppl updated about the campaign…

  3. Depressing which is how it is supposed to be… All the best for the cause 🙂

    • Once u meet and speak to victims, the look in their eye is one you’ll never forget all your life…… We are gonna do all it takes to spread the word and stop the violence….

  4. miilee,
    nice initiative… pretty impressive the way it was written and pretty sad about wat happened!!!
    gud luck with ur campaign!!

    • Thanks aman… I have added one more post in the Flat No. 303 Campaign Series
      I hope u read it and I hope you like it too…. do leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog…
      Thanks for being here…

  5. great story……..hope it’s not real……..

    I wonder if women is equally to blame for the domestic violence……..but it needs courage to get out …….

    It’s all cause women are dependent on men……i know a independent women will never take this shi* from a men………………….

    joining the group…….post more if…any help required

    • Thanks hitesh.. I guess we have learnt to look at men and women in fixed, stereotypical frames which only enhances the scope of domestic violence. but domestic abuse goes beyond this…. child abuse, abuse of elderly parents and relatives etc… even men are victims sometimes… it’s a sorry state…

  6. Wow…….quite a well written portrayal of domestic abuse.
    I suppose thats one thing in our country that gets hushed behind closed doors.
    People always expect women to cow down and take whatever atrocity that comes their way.
    I wish women for once would give up their tolerance to those who make their lives miserable.
    Its a pity actually, and strange that this occurs more or less in the country that worships goddesses, and calls them Shakti.

    • you know, your comment reminded me of this speech by Margaret Alva at a SNDT Graduation function where she’s spoken about how the two ways of exploiting women is either under the pretext of protection or under the guise of worship. either ways, women are made to ‘live up to expectations’ where as the rest of the society enjoys the spectacle… sure is a sorry state of affairs… but we hope to make a difference…

  7. Very well written story. I like your blog.
    Will come back for more.
    Good luck with your campaign.

    • Hey! thanks so much for dropping by!! I’m so glad you liked my blog… Do subscribe and comment on anything around here that catches your fancy…. and don’t forget to add the Latent Thoughts fan page on Facebook.. !!

  8. nice post…depictin serious emotions…all d very best wid d initiative, hope u make it work..

    do visit my post and do promote it if you like it.. 🙂

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