Posted by: miilee | April 20, 2010


All of it lay on the floor;
bits of everything; Broken

There lay the lamp shade;
she’d gotten it as a wedding gift.
It’s blue cloth-shade lay askew.

And there lay the picture of her wedding day;
The glass, shattered to painful shards-
Just like those vows,
now lay at her feet. Worthless.

And in the corner was the chair.
He’d sat there through the years,
and she, by his side.
Now it lay like her. Mangled.

And in another corner,
sat she.
The arm that cooked, Broken.
The feet that danced, Bruised.
The eyes that dreamed, Blackened.
The back that worked hard, Beaten.
The heart that loved, Broken.
The spirit that lived, Butchered.

The lampshade will stand again,
And there will come another frame for that picture,
And that chair too will be sat in once more.

Probably her arms and feet
and back and eyes will be fine.

But that heart and that spirit…..

Domestic violence can be the end of a person as we know them. Intervene today and stop them being broken….

(My classmates and I had started a campaign against Domestic Violence, called “Flat No. 303” as a part of our Contemporary Issues project work.  I’d written a series of things in support for the same to push it on Facebook etc. The campaign is going on a city scale (beyond our project work, on an official NGO backed initiative) So I thought I’d place my work on the blog as well….. I hope it makes us all think a little more about Domestic Violence not as someone’s personal problem but as a social crime.)



  1. a sensational poem , well delivered .I abhor conjugal vilolence is all its and communication have to reign over families instead of violence , verbal or physical.

    • I agree with you there… I fret to think of the horrors of living in a family with an abusive relationship… not just being the direct victim but even being the spectator could be damaging….

  2. I swear it i thought about this poem of yrs a few days before nd now u post it once again…
    Its really touching and what to say you’ve always written good stuff.. 🙂

    • Thanks again michael.. I’m trying to take our campaign and more importantly, my message to as many people as possible.. .I hope that through my humble attempts, I’d be able to touch at least a few more lives…

  3. Another painful incident brought out with ease.
    Love your thought process.
    How do you do that?
    I need to learn from you it seems.
    Keep up the good work.

    • This one came after I spoke to a victim of domestic violence…. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look in her eyes… she didn’t cry… no… she just stared at us, blank. That haunted, empty space in her eyes will stay with me forever… and for all it’s worth, I’m working to make sure that no more eyes are vacated of their soulful spirit…..

      • Feels good to see that you and your friends are helping in such a noble cause.
        Best of luck to you all.
        Hope things change soon, and this terrible plague of our society gets eradicated.

      • Thanks so much,…. all of us hope so too… I hope you’ve joined our page on facebook…..

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