Posted by: miilee | April 20, 2010

Just Like Daddy…

“I’m gonna be like my daddy some day

I’ll wear big shoes
and take big steps and
say big things
Just like daddy

I’ll stay up late
and watch T.V.
and eat junk food
Just like daddy

I’ll wear a nice tie
and bare a big grudge
and yell at my mommy
Just like daddy

I’ll slam the door
and fling my food
and break some plates,
Just like daddy

I’ll have a few drinks
then yell for a while
hit mommy with the vase
Just like daddy

I’ll break mommy’s fingers
and scald her with tea
and make her cry
Just like daddy

I’m gonna do all that
and do it some more
and then more again
Just like daddy

I’m gonna keep yelling
I’m gonna keep hitting
I’m gonna land up in jail
Just like daddy….”

Domestic Violence can ruin entire families; not just the direct victim, but also the spectators. You can save them all. Intervene Now!

(My classmates and I had started a campaign against Domestic Violence, called “Flat No. 303” as a part of our Contemporary Issues project work.  I’d written a series of things in support for the same to push it on Facebook etc. The campaign is going on a city scale (beyond our project work, on an official NGO backed initiative) So I thought I’d place my work on the blog as well….. I hope it makes us all think a little more about Domestic Violence not as someone’s personal problem but as a social crime.)



  1. Moving.

    • Thanks…. The victims of Domestic Violence are not just the ones who’s being beaten up or subjected to the violence… it is often the spectator who suffers too….

  2. A very nice flow.. start tips off nice nd then d message is cut clear in the end… It conveys a lot…!!!!

    • thanks michael….

  3. When I started reading I was smiling But the more I was near the end the more I was sad.

    • I’m glad you dropped by to check it out…. I wish that somewhere, through my blog and my work, I could help such things from being stopped… all an attempt to make this world a better place…

      • Appreciate your effort, Miilee 🙂


  4. One type of domestic violence that is spreading fast in urban areas is Elder abuse. Older persons are neglected abused and treated badly because they can not fight back. Please look into this area as well.
    I know of sons beating their parents, not giving food, nagging and scolding all the time.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting sir. Yes, we are aware of these forms of violence too. It is horrible how people can treat their parents; the man and woman who made them all that they are today… We’re just a young initiative as of now, but hopefully, we’ll be able to make a difference in all zones of domestic abuse…

  5. I m nt into these social work/campaigns all, bt must say tht I liked the way poem is written..truly a nice piece of work..:)

    • thanks… i’m glad you liked it. It is not essential that you should be interested in social campaigns; it would be enough if you are just aware of the issues that our society is facing so that someday, even if you do come across a situation where you see domestic abuse, you can identify it and know what to do…. that’s one less case of women being abused…

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