Posted by: miilee | April 21, 2010

Just A Moment

One moment I ask for;

Just a fraction of Time.

To be spent with ‘me’ in my heart.

Neither to hear any sorrow,

nor speak any comfort,

nor devour some science or art.

Just to sit on a swing,

with nobody but me

and talk in the silence with my soul.

To leave for a moment, all tears;

all burdens, bruises and fears,

and for once be complete; be whole.

Can a person not have,

but a moment to oneself?

A moment to be… Just Be?

Why is every minute,

every hour of life

required to be paid like a fee?

But I do need a moment,

Just to brace myself.

To tell ‘me’ that it’s alright.

Just a moment to pause,

Just a moment to breathe,

Before I join in the Fight…..



  1. Very true. We have become so much obsessed with the world that we hardly have time for ourselves.
    I remember one of our teacher who used to say, “Just 5 mins, just 5 mins you need to give to yourself every day to reflect upon yourself, that is all you soul wants”.
    And damn he was very correct.
    Another beautiful creation of yours I must say.

    • thanks again….. I guess in this world of the fast and the furious, we do tend to give ourselves a back seat…. so take just a moment for urself… it may not always help… but it feels better…

  2. nice…very nice

    • thanks!!

  3. Hello there,
    I am a friend of Smriti from U.K. and your blog page popped up on my news flash on facebook, coz Smriti commented on your site, thought i just drop a line and say, your poems are really good, and your web page on Latents Thoughts is preety impressive writing:-)

    • Hey! thanks so much for dropping by!! I’m so glad you liked my blog… Do subscribe and comment on anything around here that catches your fancy…. and don’t forget to add the Latent Thoughts fan page on Facebook.. !!

  4. Enchanting… Unflustered… 🙂

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