Posted by: miilee | May 5, 2010

Another Day In The Life of Mumbai…

Not for the first time, the thought struck me; for the ones who seek it, everyday in Mumbai is an adventure. And so bizarre and tempting are these daily life roller coasters that even to the remotest of adventurers, they are the reason to fall in love with the City.

However, some days bring along an adventure that catches every man walking down the city streets by the scruff of their necks and drags them all along into the whirlwind, irrespective of their willingness to be a part of it.

Yesterday was something like that. The motormen of the Mumbai locals decided that they weren’t satisfied with their wages and incentives etc and decided to go on a hunger strike. They all reported to work without eating. A lot happened over the day, beginning with a delay in the train services, then progressing to cancellation of several more and then ultimately in the complete shut down of all services by night.

Now imagine that: The Mumbai Railways; the lifeline of the city, at a stand still. For all practical purposes, the City was suffering a cardiac arrest.

The consequences were several and varied. Office goers were stranded. News channels crews, done with devouring the Kasab Verdict story were going berserk at every station.  Worried phone calls ringing every cell phone in every pocket. People calling up the nearest relative, friend, colleague, acquaintance, twitter buddies and almost anyone on their phone list who’d shelter them for the night. Taxi drivers making hay while the sun shone by charging unspeakable (almost offensive) amounts  to ferry the more desperate people. Busses running through the night to ease out the pressure yet being packed beyond the average burst capacity…

And while all this is happening, stories were probably blossoming all over the place. Troubled Mumbaikars exchanging irate cribbing about everything from the system to the over-anxious wives/ mothers. Some probably ended up making friends/ acquaintances as they waited for some way of getting out of the mess. Kind road commuters offered to drop random people waiting for busses, knowing how chaotic the night must have been. People cheated the high-priced taxis by sharing cabs.

It’s funny really how one event sets off a chain reaction in this city; like a well arranged set of dominoes. People come together, they co-operate and come up with ways to deal with the situation and once they’ve found their way out, they all head their own way; each with a memory of the day, worry and work back on their minds. At the end of the day, they melt back into the anomalous ‘crowd’ of the city…. And that’s how it goes… yet another day in the life of a Mumbaikar…



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  2. Hey,
    I just wanted to say there is an award for you waiting in my blog to be claimed.
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    • Hey that’s sweet of you!! Thanks!! I hope you keep writing… blogging is fun… and also has a certain amount of influencing power…. 🙂 have fun!

  3. “People calling up the nearest relative, friend, colleague, acquaintance, twitter buddies…”

    Twitter buddies!! LOL… FTW!! \m/ =D

    • I Know…. God Bless Twitter Buddies!!!

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