Posted by: miilee | May 24, 2010

Homeward Bound!!

It is no secret that I love travelling… I absolutely adore journeying for as far as I can go and there are several reasons that make it worth all the time, money energy etc. One of the reasons is the homecoming.

When I set out for a new destination, there’s excitement, eagerness and all those things in me. I sprint off my threshold to see what the world has to show me. I savor every step of the way; absorb all there is to be absorbed; experience all that happens. But then, it’s time to get back home. I hitch my knapsack on my back and look for the path that leads home. I get packing, and start the long tread home; bidding farewell to all the new land and people and experience, holding in my heart a desire to visit it again someday.

And as each footstep succeeds the previous one, I think of but one thing; Home. Of home cooked food; of MY bed and MY room and all the things that I see everyday; Of a bath in my bathroom; Of my books and all my stuff. Of routine daily work. Of all those little things that make up my daily life. Of cleaning the floors and of buying milk. Of telling the stories of my travels at the dinner table.  Of work and local train travels. Of the order in the chaos of my things. Of Mom and Dad and my sister and everything else that I had grown weary of just before setting out for that journey.

Strangely, the very things that drove me to irritation were now the shining points that were beckoning me back home. I wanted them all. I wanted normalcy. To set back into the routine of my life and enjoy it.

I know this is not a long lasting thing; that I will grow weary again and will sprint off again. But other than the fact that each journey brings with it some knowledge, peace and experience, it also takes me off the routine to make me appreciate it more and love it more.

So I travel away from home… just to savor the infinite joy of coming home again…..

No Place  Like Home….


  1. Asusual, very well written!!! – and the best part abt ur stuff is tht one can connect to it almost naturally!!! :))
    Welcome Back!!! 😀

    • Lol! glad you liked it Nikhil… I’ll be writing about the journey and the entire Ladakh experience soon…

      • good……..looking forward to some cool stuff from you!!! 🙂

      • 🙂 soon soon..

  2. Wow.. Nice.. nd u came back so soon.. i was jus abt to miss u re.. neways .. Welcome To Your Blog.. 😛

    • Lol… actually i was delayed by two days…. wait now, i’ll be putting up each day of my trek on the blog… so hold on!

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