Posted by: miilee | May 24, 2010

On The Road Again…

(Anyone who knows me, or reads my blog, knows that I LOVE travelling. I’m just back from a trip to Ladakh and am gonna recount my experience for all my readers right here on my blog. Hope I can do justice to the magnificent beauty of the place with mere words and pictures… )

Setting out for a trip is always a highlight; Packing my rucksack, rattling my brains for every possible thing that I may (or my fellow travelers may) require in emergency situations; needles and threads, hooks, wash lines, dry snacks, first aid and a N number of random things; A lot of which don’t get used at all, but they give me the satisfaction of the fact that I am well prepared…. which also turns out to be an illusion cause my journeys have a habit of springing totally unexpected traps in my face all the time… So I can never be fully prepared… But it still feels good to fool myself into believing otherwise.. 😉

The packing done, then there is the double checking of the stuff in my bag, writing a list of all my inventory so I don’t leave anything behind. Once these fundamentals are done, there is the final status message on Facebook, my auto response on my e-mail, etc to be set right.

That done, there is the phone calls to be made to close relatives.

Then comes the important part; cuddle up next to my mom and sleep like a baby and know that I’ll be missing her in the days to come…

Then when the morning comes, hoist the luggage onto my shoulders like an experienced traveller, hold my head high, bid farewells to family…. And get going before mom sees those damned tears…

On the road again...



  1. Hey, great. Waiting for the other parts 🙂

    • well, am aiming at one post every day…. 😉

  2. nice pic…

    • picked it off the net… 🙂

  3. […] So I set out from home; Heavy rucksack on my back, all that I need packed with me and a whole lot of expectations filling me up to the brim…. […]

  4. The feeling of being on d road is awesome.. i’d like to share sm lines frm a song by motherjane called Chasing The Sun which is about being on the road..
    “Coz when our yesterdays are gone nd todays are almost over,
    when the need for some new journey has jus begun,
    we all leave homes bt for hw long is wat really matters,
    co time is the actual distance between ppl when one is chasing the sun..” 🙂

    • Beautiful! really apt lyrics! I must listen to this song… I’m sure I’ll like it… Am a traveler after all.. I know what it is to chase the sun!

  5. “official site fo their songs.. free download.. janhvi knos abt dis band actually..

    • Thanks!

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