Posted by: miilee | May 25, 2010

Kashmir! Here I Come!!!

Date: 6th, 7th May, 2010

So I set out from home; Heavy rucksack on my back, all that I need packed with me and a whole lot of expectations filling me up to the brim….

I was off to Kashmir!!

I mean, everyone and their dog knows that Kashmir is heaven on earth….. In the lap of the himalayas and all that…

I’d been going through websites about Leh and Ladakh for weeks and with each picture that I saw, I couldn’t wait to get there.

So when the Swaraj Express moved from the Bandra Terminus, my heart skipped around…. We were on our way!!

Now the train journey isn’t as long as the ones I’ve taken to go to the North East of India, but it was a better part of two days that saw us to Jammu Tawi. As would be the standard feature of the Indian Railways, it was a pretty eventful time thanks to the assortment of vendors and all the other applications that come with a long distance journey. But as usual, it was fun….

A simple task of getting to the bathrooms at either end of the compartment was a hurdle race. It went something like:

“excuse me madam…. thoda side…  bhai sahab thoda side doge?… sorry uncleji…… o boss! thoda haat side mein lo na!…… arey dhakka matlab? jaaneko jaga do na! fir kyu koi dhakka maarega? … saala raaste mein dunyaa basaake baithe hai…..  *grumble grumble* … arey aunty! aapka baal meri naak mein jaa raha hai…. *GRUMBLE – frown – GRUMBLE* …”

Reach the toilet, finish up in there (with a certain amount of difficulty owing to the motion and the general dirt around)

Then find my way back through the same jungle of hands and arms and legs and bags… and with a sigh, sink into my seat…

just then,

“Mili, I wanna go wash my face. come with me na…. ”

“Oh well….”

And there goes all over again….

At least, at the end of it, I get to see Kashmir… so no matter what the hell it is, it’s all worth it…!!

So I get off my seat yet again and dive in…. Kashmir! Here we come!!



  1. Is this Article waiting to be completed by you later on ? or Just Concludes here? If the latter is True , i would rather say i was expecting to hear about your experiences as the Journey progresses further.Having seen J & K myself, I know what kind of heaven it is.Would have refreshed my memories.But if its still to come.Im glad to read it.Tc

    • Well, I will be posting one post everyday, reliving the entire trip here on my blog for my readers…. so hang on, there’s more to come.. 🙂

  2. Okay.Waiting.A little word on the article above.Putting in the Pictures is a good idea. Go on.Keep it up 😀

    • Glad you liked it… hope you’ve subscribed to the blog so you’ll get updated whenever i put up the next posts… 🙂

  3. difficulties owing to motion???? no more used to it kya??? ;P

    • lol….

  4. the tone has been set for an exciting journey ahead! looking forward to more!!

    • almost done with the last post.. 🙂 will put it up by evening…. (hopefully!)

  5. Sounds really exciting!!!

    Pixellicious Photos

  6. […] and the place lived up to all the adjectives associated with it. Once we were done with our train journey from Mumbai to Jammu Tawi, we had a bus waiting at Jammu to take us to Srinagar. The temperatures had dropped to a pleasant […]

  7. Please let us know more about the “heaven on earth” kashmir… I am a big fan of that place,… always wanted to visit …

    Please dont forget to link a lot of pics .. would live to see what it is like now.. My bro served in the Army there.. and he has a lot of stories about the place …

    • It is a beautiful place indeed! I have the next post lined up, all written and pics attached… I just wanna give all you readers, especially the ones who have subscriptions to finish with this post…. no point hurling post after post, is there? so the one about Srinagar coming up, tomorrow! promise!

    • btw, I hope you did read the latest one I just wrote… Reaching Srinagar….

  8. … but if u had taken a better train … u would have loved the train journey too 🙂

    • what train would be better??!! Our student budgets barely allow us rajdhani fares and I HATE planes even if I could afford them… And though it’s quite a thing to travel by these trains, there is a challenge in it; something I love about them. Have undertaken the Mumbai Guwahati journey thrice (two ways, so six times) and still love it! That was the second longest train route of the country… now am vying to do the longest…. Kanyakumari to srinagar.. 😉

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