Posted by: miilee | June 5, 2010

The Wind Sings A Lullaby…

As the Sun rubs his sleepy eyes,
and sinks beneath his sheets,
As the Moon, in her twinkling gown
A sleepy world, greets,
As the trees gently sway in the breeze,
and the flowers heave a sleepy sigh,
The Valley rocks the forest to sleep,
And the Wind sings a Lullaby.

As a thoughtful sky peers below,
and sees himself in the Lake’s mirror,
He thinks of the day’s achievement,
He thinks of the day’s horror…
Then solemnly he looks on,
as the birds homeward fly,
as the river carries a sleepy tune,
and the Wind sings a Lullaby….



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  2. beautiful imagery and visually evocative…

    • Thanks…. I’m glad you liked it…. feel free to share the link… 🙂

  3. Nice one 🙂

  4. nice one 🙂
    Liked it 🙂

    • thanks! I’m glad you liked it! feel free to go through the rest of the blog, to subscribe and even share what you like… 🙂

  5. Beautiful picturesque poetry. Nice one !!

    • Thanks…. Isn’t it always beautiful to open your eyes and realize that the world is but a beautiful poetry written over millions of years….

  6. nice 🙂

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