Posted by: miilee | June 8, 2010

Reaching Srinagar

May 7th, 8th 2010

Right from the outset, the trip to Kashmir was bound to be beautiful and the place lived up to all the adjectives associated with it. Once we were done with our train journey from Mumbai to Jammu Tawi, we had a bus waiting at Jammu to take us to Srinagar. The temperatures had dropped to a pleasant coolness and we jumped aboard the bus.

The journey to Srinagar was two phased we were to spend the night at Batote and then continue ahead on the 8th. I must mention here, that I made a royal ass of myself at Batote. I missed meeting a long time friend and one of my mother’s students who now serves in the Indian Army. Had I stayed in touch and asked him where he was posted etc, I’d have known that that very night, he too was in Batote. This however, was information that I got from my mother a few hours after I’d left Batote. ‘Asinine’ is not even the word to describe what I felt at that moment.

Ah well, no point crying over spilled  milk, is there?

So, moving on. We left Batote in the early hours of the 8th  and crossed the Jawahar Tunnel (a good 1.2 Km long thing!) and halted at Quazigund for breakfast. From then on, the journey was calm. We crossed what is called the Green Tunnel; a long, straight tree lines road for almost a mile with the poplar trees providing a beautiful canopy overhead. It was a beautiful journey with the exception of one barricade we came across at a village just before Awantipora. Some locals were protesting against something that the local administration had done but the cops had the situation under control within minutes. It just made me wonder for a moment; just minutes ago, we’d been enjoying the glorious peace of the green tunnel and the other moment, we were a twinge worried about a situation that had the potential of being explosive.

Anyway, we moved beyond that and reached Srinagar by late afternoon, hungry as anything. The place we  were to stay at was pretty neat; Near the zero bridge called Brookland. The three days that we spend there require a whole post to themselves so I’m gonna stop this one right here so that this one doesn’t get too long 😉

Anyway, here are some pics… and post about Srinagar will be up tomorrow… Pakka!!

On the way to Srinagar!

The Green tunnel... it's absolutely beautiful!

This was the barricade. We were all worried about the situation becoming explosive therefore the fugitive-like photography...;)



  1. beautiful post well written and illustrated!

    • Thanks! I wish I could have video taped everything that i could see and uploaded that… It is just such a beautiful place!

  2. Beautiful …. must have enjoyed ur trip !!

    • Oh I did!! amongst all my other travels, this has been the best trip ever!! I plan to go there once more all by myself… (besides, this was just the beginning of the trip… there’s still Leh and Ladakh to come… 😉 )

  3. You know you are lucky…my folks just won’t let us go to Srinagar or anywhere that side. Nice pics. Would like to see more.

    • Why would your folks not let you go? you really must go to kashmir once atleast! Ladakh a heaven… (will write about that in one of my later posts.. )
      Besides, they say nothing broadens your mind and thoughts like traveling. There are so many misunderstandings about Kashmir and about Indo-Pak relations which get sorted when you just visit the place..

  4. Green Tunnel is beautiful..I wish i could go to Srinagar one day and now one of my school mate is going to be posted in Srinagar as well…

    • hey hope you go there sometime… it’s a beautiful place…. do share your experience whenever you do get there….

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  6. can u plz give us some more updates of the trip (elaborately).. i m sure this is nt even the 10% of the fun u must hv had there. 🙂

    • lol..!! this is like just the beginning of what the trip was… there’s still the days in srinagar, kargil, leh and ladakh to tell you guys about!! but one post at a time… 😉

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    • I’m glad you shared that with me… I’ll check it out…

  8. The Green tunnel is actually very pretty, would love to ride on that one 🙂 Nice Post though 🙂

    • It was an experience to sit right next to the driver and see the whole thing through the full wind shield…. However, I’d LOVE to do that mile on a bike… someday, when I do get my own Enfield, i’ll do it… 🙂

  9. […] got done with the journey from Jammu to Srinagar on the 8th. We reached Srinagar late afternoon on the 8th. After a good meal, we headed to the Srinagar hotspots; Shankaracharya […]

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