Posted by: miilee | June 17, 2010

Reflections On A Rainy Morning

(Once again, I am breaking away from narrating of my Ladakh trek but owing to the first rains, I just had to put this up… )

It’s barely been a week since the rains have graced the city of Mumbai. I guess we all know how much the showers were awaited this year. The heat of summer was so intolerable that even the sight of a grey cloud felt good in the sky…
Yet, barely has the monsoon touched the city and people have already started cribbing. I can recall countless people whining about the blocked subways and traffic and wet clothes and what not.
To think of it, most of us have a very crabby way of life. I mean, we crib about being school students and not college ones, then once in college, we crib about college too and miss school. Then we crib when we don’t have a job then crib about the work when we get one and start missing college!!
No really!! Cummon! Do we plan to spend out lives cribbing about today, missing yesterday and then again tomorrow, missing the day that we’re living today? Then why not live today to the fullest so that we don’t regret it tomorrow?

Anyway, I too am falling into the line of cribbing about how people crib.
So I’m changing the track…
I wonder why people think that rainy days are gloomy or depressing. I find them rather enticing and beautiful. Rather than thinking of things that make me cry, I think of the rains as an opportunity to re-look at things that I had forgotten.
See how the dust gets washed off all the trees and they look like their beautiful green selves? They remember to look super fresh all over again. Similarly, I like to think of the rains as an indication to wash off all the grime and re-look at the shining moments from the past; Think of the first innocent teenage crush, or of an evening with friends, some family joke etc and take a moment to smile about that long forgotten memory. Allow something around you to spark off a thought that would make you smile. Smile randomly at someone passing by, trying to manage their umbrella. Just smile! And see how beautiful the day looks! The raindrops look like pearls rather than tears and the grey clouds look like an old man laughing his heart out…. Just think happy and you’ll be happy.
I know it is too Cinderella-like a philosophy to be true, but I sincerely believe that happy thoughts help. I did it myself today.
The ugly thoughts start plaguing the mind faster than the morning alarm….. You won’t believe how difficult it is to persuade a rickshaw to take me from near my home to office. So today, I decided not to ask any of them and started walking down the road. At the max, I’d have been ten minutes late but at least I wouldn’t have been idle, waiting for the mercy of a rickshaw driver. So basically, I took the controls of my time in my hands…. That was a better thought than, “‘Oh! I hate rickshaws! And I’m gonna be late! My clothes are gonna get wet….”  Telling myself that I was in control got a smile to me.
Then since I was walking it up, I thought I might as well look around and enjoy anything that comes my way. I don’t mean stop and have a cutting chai type thing, but how many times in a day can you look at a raincoat covered little child clinging on to the mother’s hand and wading to school and actually have the time to smile at the scene? Generally, in a vehicle with our headphones on, we don’t even see these things. So I let myself be dragged to school like that child; only I went down my own memory lane. And I smiled again at that five-year old me.
I found several smile-beckoning little things on the way to work and miraculously, I had a beautiful day. I smiled through out and barely felt gloomy. A little poetic maybe, even a little romance touched, but miles away from un-happy.
In a brief, reflective moment through the rainy morning, a thought drifted across my mind; When they say, “A Smile can take you miles” I guess they just left the rest of the sentence unsaid. “A Smile can take you miles….. away from depression”
I wish A few more people saw this happy side of the monsoons…… But I guess only little kids splashing in the puddles and poets see this particular screening of “The Monsoons”…..



  1. i love the thought about rains from a very different perspective. good to know that such a view still exists amongst people. its a call to slow down in life and enjoy the finer things, life has to offer..

    • Absolutely… No matter how fast life gets, we always have the option to slow down…

  2. Very well presented! And a beautiful thought 🙂
    Yes, rains arent something to be depressed at the sight of… They bring change.. and any change is always welcome… Its a sign that life still exists 🙂

    • 🙂 that’s a beautiful way of putting it!! Glad that there are more smiling faces on the streets this monsoons.. 🙂

  3. nice post rains are not gloomy or depressing…i personally feel they are means to bring out ur inner kid 🙂 hey check out this page…!/closeupindia

    • Thanks monica…. and i’ll chk out that page 😉

      • cool link Monica liked it…..keep on sharing..thanks

      • glad you dropped by! feel free to comment on any post you feel like.. and do share it if you like….

  4. Well the first rains didn’t bring too much cheer to me though. I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for almost 5 hours.

    But that doesn’t stop me from loving the rains… and I absolutely love the falling drops of comfort.

    I loved my experience of 26th July, despite wading through chest deep waters.

    • Lol…!! I can totally understand how it must have been…. it’s a mad city…. but we like it that way.. 😉

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