Posted by: miilee | June 25, 2010

To The Man Who Taught Me To Heal….

(I’d written this as a facebook note last year, when the world lost the greatest artist and entertainer we ever saw. Posting it on the blog today, as I remember him on his first death anniversary… R.I.P. Michael Jackson… )

Right from the time the news about Michael Jackson’s death came out, Facebook has been raided by users with everything from ‘R.I.P. Michael Jackson’ event pages to ‘He was a paedophile, for heaven sake!’ status messages. I’ve read through debates between people on whether or not he deserves to be cried over. I’ve gone through people taking the pain to be the voice of the victimized child and others staunchly expressing their love for the artist and I was amused, distressed, and pushed into a thoughtful mode.

I am not a Michael Jackson fan so I didn’t know too much about the guy until three days ago after which I’ve been reading his biography on every page of the newspapers. Yet he was not a new name to me. It was in school that I first heard a Jacko number. My teacher had asked me to find this song, ‘Heal the world’ on a tape so that the choir could learn it for the ‘Peace Day’ function.
The Internet was not too easily available and not everyone knew how to use it. I, however, was an early user and so, along with the tape that I secured from one of dad’s buddies, I decided to get a copy of the lyrics since a lot of the kids found it hard to follow the lyrics. As the slow printer printed the thing, I went through the lyrics myself and found myself riveted to the words….. ‘There are people dying, if you care enough for the living; Make a better place for you and for me’

I still recall hastily wiping away a tear and till date, the song brings a lump to my throat.

It was this song that became entwined with my very soul and defined for me, the meaning of a fruitful life, ‘to heal the world we live in; save it for our children’.
I took up the arts stream with dreams of being a social worker. I faced some harsh realities soon and switched to the field of Mass Communication; after all, I could use words to heal too. And till date, I’m trying as much as I can, to ‘heal the world’. It is a big task and I’m sure a lot of people will give me a very sarcastic and critical piece of their minds in the comments here, but I am gonna try and do as much as I can. Build bridges across troubled waters so that my children won’t have to walk through them; with that song lacing my heartbeat.

I didn’t know Jackson as a man; I’m not his mother. But I know that he sang that song. And with him sang a whole generation of people. He danced and millions skipped a heartbeat. And for Ethiopia, he appealed for help and world over, people gave. I don’t know if he was a paedophile or not (being a media student, I’ve learnt to treat ‘news’ with a pinch of salt and trust me, even children can be taught to lie). All I know is that he cared enough to make songs, and dance for the Ethiopians when they needed every prayer in the world and somewhere, deep down, he must have been a good man.

Life is not fair to everyone and not all sides of a coin are seen by us, but in the orgy of facebook comments and virtual debates on status messages we’re forgetting to sit back and think before we write anything extreme. Whatever he did, whatever he was is a thing of the past. He is no more.
I don’t want to debate on whether or not he deserves to be called a legend. But in a moment of silent prayer, I just want to pay my little tribute to the man who gave me my anthem….. Heal the world…..

(for those who don’t know it, and for those who’d like to hear it yet again, here it is)



  1. i was in Bangalore when he died…….. i heard of the news in the morning on TV…….. i wasn’t much bothered……though i felt sad….but i was never a fan of MJ…..then i left home for work…..and where ever i went … was all MJ……. on the streets ppl where talking of him…..then in the bus….ppl reading in newspapers……Radio’s playing his songs……reached office…whole staff talking about him……….

    before this day…..i didn’t even think that MJ had such great fan following in India too………

    It was the day……I realized…..he wasn’t just an singer…….yup he was the greatest entertainer……… \,,/

    • Indeed… He was one of his kind…. never will the world ever see another M.J……

  2. The most passionate person ever.. thats wat comes in my mind wen i hear his name.. A musical genius nd a Legend.. \m/
    id read this post on fb also.. nd loved to read it al again.. 🙂
    hope u watchin This Is It tonight..?? 😉

    • lol.. i remember, you’d almost yelled at another young friend of mine… harsh for saying that ‘heal the world’ sucked…

  3. Still remember…the night they had his memorial service, avro and a few of us were at my place working for polaris. every one could feel the sorrow…we just preferred to listen to his tracks and drown it out.

    MJ Forever…my childhood superstar FYI

    • He touched so many lives… God bless his soul…

  4. Interesting Post. He was a good musician and an impressive performer. And he was for world peace.

    • indeed….

  5. My brother, who is no more was a huge MJ fan and I grew up humming to “Thriller”, “We are the World” and ofcourse “Heal the world”.

    Michael Jackson is even more dear now coz each time his music is in the air, eyes cannot help turn moist as I dance with my bro in my thoughts. As always your post stirred my soul. Awesome.

    • M.J. touched more lives than any other icon in the history of the world…..

  6. To The Man Who Taught Me To Heal?. « Latent Thoughts…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

    • Thanks!! Glad you liked it…

  7. They don’t care about us
    – personal favorite And yes, He – The best.

    • 🙂

  8. […] To The Man Who Taught Me To Heal…. « Latent Thoughts […]

  9. Well said miilee. We all know only the way media has portrayed him. But his lyrics surely tell another story. I am a die hard fan of his music and dance.

    Between do check out my blog, I have acknowledged an award which you gave 4 months back. Better late than never!!

    • hahaha!! glad you ‘took’ the award!
      and abt M.J., I’ll always believe that he was a troubled child inside; trying to make the world a better place…

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