Posted by: miilee | July 14, 2010

Here I Am… Helpless….

He said he was in love with her; He said she was his queen.
I knew he meant every word; In his eyes had truth been.
I rejoiced with him; and sincerely, silently I prayed.
That in this new-found love, his old scars would fade.
He was happy; I could see it in his beaming smile.
it felt good to see that; he’d been hurting for a while.
She’d become his world; In her eyes was his paradise.
But who was to know she was just pain in disguise?
One day she shrugged her shoulders; dropped his world to the ground.
I knew he’d fallen hard; yet another time just sorrow he’d found.
My heart bled for him; I just couldn’t see him so shattered.
The one he’d loved the most had simply left him battered.
I knew he was hurting again; In his eyes, I saw his heart break.
It shook the earth like a terrible storm but not a single sound did it make.
And helplessly; almost hopelessly, I just held his hand till the end.
I’m no sorceress nor healer of pain; I’m just his humble friend.


  1. A good friend is the best medicine. 🙂

    • True…..

  2. Its a really a good poem.. touchin nd sweet.. i loved it.. its always nice to read yr posts ya 🙂

    • Thanks Mike!

  3. words i could relate to..something i have been thru..

    • Wish there were ways of mending a broken heart….

  4. Hey Millie… Beeeauuutiful…. Can relate to it like it happened just yesterday…

    • The thing with hard things in life is that every once in a while, they feel like they happened just yesterday….. good to know you stayed by your friend’s side too…

  5. sad … but very true … it’s the story of almost everyone .. but to have a good friend to share sorrow is positive too … !!

  6. Well-Written

    • Thanks!

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