Posted by: miilee | July 21, 2010

Warrior Queen

She looked like a rock-face, like she’d never been a kid.

Love had touched her but once, and then, nothing else did.

She had neither friend nor kin; no one to call her own.

Just the clothes on her back, blood, flesh and bone.

She had fists of cold steel, and strength of a fiery God.

Her hard-headed, cold will, evened out every odd.

The sun couldn’t outstare her, for eventually, he had to set.

No worry ever crinkled her brow, nor sorrows make her lashes wet.

There was winter in her features, her eyes, devoid of wishes.

Her words were a whirlwind’s kiss, her glances; whips and lashes.

No tune did she ever hum, nor step to a rhythmic beat.

All sound went numb around her, even hell froze beneath her feet.

She was the lone, last warrior but the fiercest of them all.

In the mightiest of storms, she knew how to stand tall.

She seemed invincible; like she’ll be here for eternity.

Yet, to her watchful eye, the mirror spoke with certainty.

She knew her time will come someday; when, she didn’t know.

But she knew that someday, one day, she will have to go.

That day is to come on her, like the sun of some tomorrow.

But she won’t let the worry of it, make her patient brow furrow.

She’ll cross that bridge when it comes; There’s still time for that.

There’s work to be done, a life to be fought; more suns to be stared at……




  1. Great job…really brings out the character

    • Thanks da!

  2. Ah yes you paint a very vivid image of her…well done!

    • Thanks…. I wish i’d have found a better image to go with it…..

  3. She seems to be very dangerous. Nice poetry.

    • Well, I guess it’s perspective. If a man were given this description, he’d be called workaholic, determined, strong willed, ambitious etc….. it is just that women have been compulsively perceived as soft, motherly. Breaking the cliche; women too cra ambitious, determined, strong willed etc…. that doesn’t make us dangerous; just a force to be reckoned with and definitely NOT someone to be taken for granted…
      Thanks for commenting though.. 🙂

      • I should have ended the sentence with a razz smiley ( 😛 )
        I meant it as but not exactly an inuendo. And I must confess I didn’t actually look at the angle of a determined, hard working ambitious individual from daily life. I had the image of a kind of Rani of Jhansi like woman.

      • 😉

  4. Nice poem:) just visit your blog I got your blog address from Subbu’s blog (
    Nice blog.
    I am very happy if you visit my blog

    Best Regards
    Rupam from Assam

    • Thanks for reading, rupam!

  5. wat if i told u dat i knew sum1 of those odds..
    babes.. it brought shivers in my spine..

    will tel u more abt her someday for sure!!!

    • woah….. u did??? must be one heck of a woman!!

  6. It seems the masculine characteristics were held high since beginning, consequently even women would like to see themselves in their light…However… qualities like care, compassion & love are need of the hour when the world is amidst the chaos of war, calamities and hunger.

    Loved the characterizations….

  7. Superb!! Loved this. Awesome 🙂

    • Thanks.. 🙂

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