Posted by: miilee | August 16, 2010

A Place, Some Bloggers and Fun!

So I just got back from the Mumbai meet of the Indibloggers at Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu. I know I haven’t blogged in  like over three hundred billion years, and that I haven’t yet completed my Nomadic Monologues about my Ladakh trek, but you come back from a blogger’s meet and you HAVE TO blog! So here goes!

(First of all, didn’t carry my camera fearing the rains, so none of the pics I use will be my own clicking. )

Ok, so I have this thing about reaching the venue of any event a little ahead of time. Hate walking in late. So I was at Hotel Sea Princess (@Seaprincessjuhu on twitter)  at 1.25, duly registered at the desk, opened up my laptop and completed some work that I’d been doing. Over the next half an hour, people started trickling in. Now these clever and superly awesome Indiblogger guys had done this smart thing; they had this screen in front of the hall with three columns on it. The first was a stream of the mentions for @Indiblogger. The second one was a stream of tweets with the #Indimum hashtag and the third one, was arrivals. So when each one of us was ‘entering’ at the registrations desk with our Indiblogger credentials, we appeared in that third column. That, with wifi in the hall, and almost everyone at the venue, on their way and not on their way using the #indimum hash tag made for some interesting stuff on the screen. Also, there was the Big Rock (@BigRock) waalonka desk that gave us free .in domains for a year and an awesome post-its wala highlighting pen! Then they also had a caricature desk where they took our pics to make cartoons out of them (I wonder what they intend to change!)

Well, then by 1.20, the proceedings began. The hall almost full and people introducing themselves with everything from their twitter handles and blog url’s to their real names, there were several ‘aaah…!!’ ‘s and ‘oooh….!’ ‘s of dawning comprehension as everyone started attaching faces to the blog names that they’d been familiar with for a long time. I too had my share of  faces to see since technically, I’d been talking to them for ages now.  The noise levels were indicating a gradual rise when the IndiBlogger team took stage, with Anoop introducing the team and throwing us into splits! Then the sponsoring brands, HP Printers and Big Rock gave us a short presentation of what they are and stuff (The Big Rock presentation was an entertainer!)

After that came the mega slot; where each of us introduced ourselves and our blogs. Some of the whackiest introductions got free .com domains from Big Rock. While each intro was interesting, some intro’s became the identity of the person. Like ‘Storyteller’ for her awesome intro, ‘Sunshine mom’, etc etc… Some intros were solemn, some perked up certain ears, some induced giggle fits and some just cracked everyone up! At the end of it, we had a jumble of url’s running around randomly in our heads and way too many faces floating. In the meanwhile, we were handed large pieces of chart that we could hang around our necks and on our backs where people could write stuff; exchange complements, url’s etc.

Just when we were getting done with the intros, Gul Panag walked in with her pretty smile and air of ease. The introductions wrapped up soon after and we split for tea and snacks. All over people hustled to write on each other’s ‘backcards’, have tea, generally chat around. Gul Panag was graciously posing for pics and signing people’s back cards herself. I clicked a pic with her too and ended up gettin a complement from her about my saree on my backcard! (will put up a scanned copy when I get to the scanner tomorrow.. 😉 ) (Also, ‘the girl in the saree’ has now become my identity in the indibloggers community!)

Anyway, that said and done, we then continued the day’s events. A fun quiz by Big Rock where they gave away a few more free domains. Then we had a lovely debate/ discussion moderated by Gul Panag. It was abbout the power of blogging; The earlier revolutions have been triggered by journalism. Will blogging be the mother of the revolutions to come?

Some interesting points of view were explored on both sides; of the pros and cons of the blogosphere.

It was a unique feeling; this sense of sitting with these 200+ people and trying to gauge just how powerful and effective a media we are. For that time, we all stopped being mere writers and tech bloggers and casual bloggers etc etc and became just one whole body: Bloggers. We weren’t talking of trivialities. We were discussing change; not about how it will come but how we will bring it. We shifted from being passive watchers to active doers. What better way could there have been to spend the Independence Day?? I think a lot of us took back a part of that bloggers spirit with us. That it is not just about meeting and having fun; it is much deeper. Somewhere, we reinforced that governing value in us; We Blog, Therefore We Are.

Well, then after that mindchow of a debate, we were shown a part of the upcoming film, Soch Lo. A bit of bantering after that and we began with our good byes. That took over an hour in itself! ( I mean, cummon! there were some 270 people!)

Again, on our way out, we got the awesome IndiBlogger T-shirts (Which I am wearing to work tomorrow!)

Like we’d all trickled into the hall, we all started leaving it. The only difference being, we’d come in ones and twos but we left as a group…. It was a good feeling.

A Feeling good enough to shake me out of my virtual stupor and get this post put up!

So here’s to the Indiblogger team and to every blogger who knows that it isn’t just about posts and comments; it’s about doing what we love doing!


Some Borrowed shots: (@Deepak Amembal and @Rahul Manekari thanks for these pics!)

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  1. hey “the lady in the saree”, thanks for the thorough review.

    • lol!! Thanks! Just had to post something after such a fantastic event!

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  3. Hey, that was quick! It was great fun.. Have a lot of new blogs to subscribe to 🙂

    I wrote that post about Meter Jam, I’m sure you’ll have to say something about this 😉

    • will read! Thanks!

  4. hi, the post is so quick and u have captured all the interesting moments. pics by phiroze are nice. i will take another 24 hrs to write.

    • awaiting your post!

  5. hey that was a neat report!
    and yes it did feel good to eventually see/meet fellow mumbai bloggers!

    • i loved it too… 🙂

  6. Marziya Shakir Indi Blogger ..Wont Ever Be Using The Indi Blogger Forum of Hate

    all pics of the Indi Mum Meet /I still have a lot to upload..

    Your article is simply refreshing and would love to link it on my Indi Blogger post at Flickr with your due permission..

    • Please go ahead! Waiting for the rest of your photos

  7. Good reveiw ,
    As usual great writter.

    • Thanks Vijay

  8. Hi Miilee!!
    Check this link and recall what I was telling u yesterday.

    I never talk baseless Coz I have logic behind every word that I say. Agreed With me or……
    Great post about yesterday’s Indiblogger Meet.
    Good Luck!!

    • AWWw…!! That’s so sweet of u juhi!! Thanks!!!

      • My dear care enough to check this link also.
        Things u need to do
        Do leave yr views about both links i gave u.

      • thanks juhi!!

  9. Hi Miilee, nice summation of the whole event! Good to have met you and many more from mumbai! look forward for the next meet again 🙂

    • Thanks mohan!! Am so glad I finally met you!

      • My pleasure too lady smile!

  10. i hate indi ppl…….. i attended 2 meets and they never called Gul there…….. and it’s not about anyone else…’s only Gul…….. so want to meet her…..have been following her blog for long now……..would love to get a glimpse only…..

    anyway… got lucky and complimented……wish i was there……….

    hell, why didn’t they push it to next month….then i would have attended………….

    • LMAO!!!!
      Too bad ya… you’d have loved it…. was an awesome meet!!

  11. I had registered for it. But missed the meeting as some thing else came up. Glad to read a good review.

    • wish u’d have come though….

  12. Looks like I missed a lot of fun 😦

    • Yeah….. A LOT of fun!

  13. There is something about this post that makes it so easy and fun to read! .. a “Lucid” style of writing if you please 🙂

    Thank you for the mention and I am glad bloggers could do splits 🙂

    • lol!! In this city of madness, all of us welcome a good sense of humor! So glad u guys did this meet!!

  14. Hey very nice, first to initiate!! Indeed a big thanks to Indiblogger team!!

    And Millee..i need those pics, pls mail me on my gmail id

    • Arey they’ve been uploaded on facebook… go to the indiblogger page n you’ll get it..

    • Acha, I have a pic wit u too na?? upload karo na! n tag me! (

  15. Super post Miilee. It was fun talking to you yesterday. A well covered post and great writing. Keep blogging.

    • Thanks Kartik!! I’m glad you think so… 🙂

  16. Hi Miilee, (pardon me if the spelling takes some getting used too, ;P)

    It was awesome to read ur blog. I wanted to come to the Indi-blogger meet, had registered n everything. even got a confirmation call from Indi, but was away to Jamshedpur and couldn’t make it back to the city in time.

    After reading ur review and experiences on the meet, I am seriously Jealous…. You all must’ve had a gala time (as is pretty evident from the mood of your post)….

    Chalo koi nahi… ab pehchan jo ho gayi hai.
    Milna to hoga hi…

    C U Around,

    N Keep Blogging 🙂

    • Arey dude u missed out on a GREAT event!! Bt neva mind… now that all of us know each other, let’s meet up on our own sometime.. 🙂

      • sure thing…..

  17. I learned a new word btw today….

    supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 😛

    heh he hheh

    • hahahahaha!!!! isn’t it awesome?? I love it when Julie Andrews sings it!!

  18. The review is too good Miilie.. I definitely would not have been able to put it so aptly.. Thanks Miilie.. The meet was a memorable experience.. Hope to be a part of mroe meets soon 🙂

    • Thanks!! Glad to have met u!!

  19. Hey Miilee, lovely post yaar! It was wonderful meeting you and knowing more about you. Hope to see you soon!

    • Totally dude! BTW, just check and tell me if I’ve added u in the @miilee/indimum list….

  20. hey!! lan here.. nice blog huh!! i saw feroz.. snaps.. it is cool…. 🙂 🙂 good day!! 🙂 🙂 I have some pictures here..

    • thanks for th\e pics, lan!!

  21. Its been great.. meeting you all!! 🙂

    • Hey lan! Was intending to get to u at the meet. I don’t recollect why, but i remember i was planing to chat with you…. anyway, fantastic meetin you too!!

  22. Nice blog Miilee.. keep the good work going!!

  23. That was a nice account of the meet, a very successful meet I must add 🙂

    • thanks!! yes, it was a brilliant meet!

  24. eh so you are the lady in the sari that i been reading in every indimum blog posts 🙂

    • Lol!! yeah, that’s me!

  25. awesome 😀 you guys must have enjoyed ..

    • indeed we did!!

  26. Looks like you had a blast! Lucky!

    • Yeah, it was a fun event!

  27. Very comprehensive, very intricate and descriptively written 🙂

    You’ve summarized the whole day’s experience very well in a singe reading 🙂

    Keep writing!

    • thanks avinash! glad you liked it!

  28. Nice Review!!

    missed meeting all you lovely people there…since i missed the event that is 😦

    • sheesh!! too bad ya!!

      Bt thanks for dropping by and reading about it!

  29. It was nice meeting you Miilee…

    Yep, you have been now often tagged the “lady in the white saree” and you looked good 🙂

    everyone enjoyed the meet.. have posted a question on the IndiBlogger forum asking what you dont wanna see in the next meet.

    come up with some suggestions to make the next meet even much more better.

    • Thanks hemal! Will check it out…

  30. The description is quite vivid and sketched out. Quite a thorough promotion of the meet. Makes me want to join in! 🙂

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