Posted by: miilee | September 19, 2010

Leh… The Earth’s Sigh of Wonder…



  1. leh….undoubtably my favorite too among all the places in d country….it does hav a magic in itself…

    • Yes it totally does….

  2. Lovely pics…. tell us more abt “atop of bus” !

    • Lol.. will write a separate post about that…

  3. Awesome pictures! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to visit Ladakh & should make it a reality in 1 year! 🙂

    Check out my Photo-blog if you haven’t! My Camera Speaks II : World Expo 2010 Unveiled

    A Journey to the Unknown Spaces

    • neat blog! Thanks for sharing.. 🙂 And yes, Ladakh is one of those places where you HAVE TO go once in your life!

  4. Wow! I just absolutely enjoyed Leh myself, through you!! Amzing travelogue and photographs!!

    • Hey thanks! It’s a pretty long post, but I couldn’t have made it any shorter, you know… Thanks for reading it!

  5. Nice travelogue. What did you use for that photo slideshow? Need no second thought to say that the Nature is at its best around Leh and Ladakh!

  6. Lovely place…great photos…and lucky you!

  7. nicely put through travel experience…loved the pictures.

    A Question [ same as Mohan] – what have you used to display these pics?

  8. Leh and Ladhak are one of God’s most beautiful creation, there is no doubt about that. I have also heard about some place in Leh where magnetic field is not normal. Don’t know what exactly is that.

    Anyone here knows?

    • That’s the Magnetic hill. It’s a myth however. People believe that despite it being an uphill road, a light vehicle continues to move ahead after the engine is switched off. However, it is an optical illusion; The road is not uphill, it’s downhill. Since it is flanked by two mountains on the horizon it just looks like it’s uphill whereas in reality, it has a downward slop. (Put down a can or a plastic bottle, you’ll see it rolls too.)
      So bottom line, it’s an illusion.. 😉


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