Posted by: miilee | September 27, 2010

5 Reasons Why I Wear Sarees

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved wearing Sarees. There is something about the garment that entices me. But every time I’ve worn it, I’ve had people asking me, “What’s special?” especially when it hasn’t been a wedding or festival or a national occasion. So I thought I’d write a post about why I wear Sarees.

Well, I did debate with the idea initially; why should I need a reason to wear my traditional costume? But then, why not let the world know what’s so wonderful about the five-yard-wonder. So here goes:

  1. Excellent Attention Grabber: Can’t help but put this as the first point! Well, don’t blame me; I’m a media student. I’ve spent three years and a huge sum of money in learning how to get people’s attention! And I have never failed to turn heads when I wear a Saree. And it’s not just me, anyone my age wearing a Saree will turn heads (given that it is draped well, you carry yourself well and you have a reasonably agreeable persona.) A Saree just happens to be one of those things that bring out the beauty in a woman.
  2. Adapts to your figure: Women are very conscious about their attire matching or suiting their figures. Well, the Saree is just the right thing for such a purpose. One can adjust one’s style of draping a Saree to one’s figure. Tall and slim? Wrap it closely with an unpleated, long pallu. It will enhance your height without making you look too thin or bony. For a stout figure on the other hand, wear it a little loosely with a well pleated and pinned pallu so that it doesn’t make you look bulky and gives you a touch of elegance. Then again, you can play around with the prints and patterns and styles of blouses and couple them with the right accessories. There are permutations and combinations to suit everyone.
  3. Sexy as well as brownie point earner: It’s a sexy outfit. These are not my words but those of soooo many people who’ve complimented me every time I wear one. As I said before, it brings out the feminine side in women like few other garments. However, it is better if you’re not consciously attempting to do that because that could very well edge towards making you look cheap and slutty and totally screw the other side of the benefit; the brownie points. While you look sexy, you still earn some magnificent brownie points with the more conservative, older people around. So you enter the good books of a whole range of people with one master stroke!
  4. It’s roomy: To people, a Saree looks complicated, difficult to handle and even claustrophobic. If that is the case, then the Saree has not been draped well or you don’t know how to walk wearing one (or both!) When a Saree is draped in the right manner and is pinned up in the required places, not only is it elegant, it is easy to handle (you DO NOT need to struggle with even one inch of the cloth; just let it comfortably BE on you.) Once you get used to the feel of it, you’ll realize that whoever that intelligent woman was who first draped it the way we do, took the idea of ‘leg space’ very seriously. There is a reason why there are so many pleats to a Saree. Not only does it look pretty but when you walk, the pleats provide enough cloth that flexes- accordion like- to make room for your legs!
  5. Poise and Grace: All said and done, it is easier to wear a pair of jeans or a party dress. But it takes poise and grace to carry off a Saree beautifully. I wouldn’t say that a Saree would go well for any occasion; I wouldn’t expect one to walk into a pub for a mad night in a Saree. But for social events, it’s an amazing attire. It is not a task for the weak-kneed nervous women. When a woman wears a Saree for an occasion and walks amongst the party, her smiling head held high, it is her subliminal announcement of being calmly in control of herself and often, the heartstrings of some people around.

I’m sure there are people who’d agree with me and even like to contribute to this. There may also be people who’d like to contradict me with defence for all the other attires. I wouldn’t disagree with anyone; to each his own. Again, I don’t have anything against any other attire; I myself like the variety in my wardrobe. But along with all these (and probably even more reasons) there is one basic reason why I love my Sarees; I’m proud of being an Indian and I glorify in wearing what is truly a part of its heritage.



  1. As I said on Twitter: Sarees: Girls look ‘awesomest’ and ‘beautifulest’ in them!

    • 🙂 See?? And still they do all these crazy things to get attention…

  2. Can’t help but say, Beautiful post and an even more beautiful pic to compliment it! 🙂

    • lol! Thanks… Taken during a Tie and Saree day in college….

  3. it’s actually fun wearing a saree to a pub, just to see the reactions 🙂

    • Lol… I guess it would be fun….

  4. Very concisely written. And fantastic arguments in support of sari! truly the most ideal (and sexy) attire for any Indian women! 🙂

    • And a beautiful pic! 🙂

      • lol… thanks… for both the comments… 🙂

  5. Lol…! A modernistic apprach of explaining sarees, eh… Nice work…! Indeed, those are valid points, at least on my end as well… Cheers to the great Indian outfit for women…! 😉

    • Changing times, changing women and their changing view points…. 😉

  6. saree to a pub now tht would be something 🙂 ..ask any male specie from india and they wil agree that its the sexiest outfit ever

    • lol.. I know..
      anyway, I happen to know a few guys abroad too who tell me that they think that the saree is the hottest attire ever…. 🙂

  7. That was a well written piece. And, I agree with you on all the arguments for it… Personally I’ve felt calm and assertive in a Saree than other outfits in my wardrobe. It is almost as if it has an impact on your personality. However, I think it takes a hell lot of practice to learn to drape a Saree well… But it’s worth all the effort!

    • Totally agree…. It takes practice… but once u get your act together, there’s nothing like it!

  8. Accolades for this one. The saaree is truly, the most elegant attire a woman can adorn. You just know to say it well lady, as always!!!!!!!

    • Lol… thanks anju… you know how much I love sarees.. 🙂

  9. Nice post. Iy opinion, Saree is the most graceful dress for a girl and it bring out the best of poignancy in them. Long live saree, half saree 🙂

    • I also like the variety of ways in which the same piece of material can be draped in over 20 different ways.. 🙂

  10. Of course, sari is the best Indianwear for a woman, but considering the shortage of time on hand for a working woman, it is a sheer waste. The time taken to wear it and searching for it in stores or cupboard,the extras that goes with it(blouse,petticoat, etc), the cost involved(expensive stuff by itself, matching blouse,etc,ironing,washing), not even a slipon and hardly anyone has any idea what it is all about in terms of culture,type,wearing style, colors,weaves,locations, meaning of the designs. So I dissuade women to wear it. Just use it for some grand functions or temple visits.But I guess, the sari makers and wearers have to survive, so live and let wear.I know this sounds real bad but I am sorry for the sari!

    • Well, Like I said, to each his own. But Just so you know; I’m wearing a saree today to office. As far as the purchases are concerned, only special sarees for weddings etc take a long time to dig out and purchase. Regular wear saree shopping takes anything between half an hour to three hours (I got five of them in one hour flat) Also, as is the case with my jeans and shirts, I give my saree to iron to the laundry guy. As far as the draping is concerned, from the time I stepped out of the bathroom till the last pleat was in place, it took me ten minutes. It takes practice but once a woman gets a hang of it, it’s second nature to wear them… 🙂

      • thanks,miilee. Having draped women all my last 18 years and promoted handmade and handwoven sari’s through my stores, I switched to salwarkameez and then to western and now to maternitywear.I guess only 2(1 dancer and another researcher in textiles) women in these years actually knew what they were wearing. Rest used it as a style statement.I admired Indiraji for her panache and now Soniaji for doing that. The oomph factor was created by Madhubala and later by Madhuri in a sari. i love the Bengali way of dressing up in a sari. The sari is kept under the bed in its original folds to retain the crispness. Wish I could share a lot of secrets here but space and time is short.God bless u.

      • Like I said, each to his own.. I guess the people who’ve come to you for sarees must be those glitz loving socialites. Unfortunate…
        However, I do happen to have know countless women who’re great at this thing and so many friends who’ve gotten onto the bandwagon. I think it is more the willingness to wear a saree for the sheer fun of it that makes the difference… Are you wearing it because you want to be noticed? or because you want it? I think those women who do it because they love sarees are much better at carrying it off… It’s an acquired taste… and a heluva great one at that!

  11. Well justified…Amazing !!!

    • Thanks… 🙂 Glad you liked it…

  12. Looking pretty pretty girl 🙂
    Nice post!!

    • Thanks… 🙂

  13. Bang on! people started liking jeans, t’s, skirts etc., to grab the eye balls few decades back.. now the time has finally come to roll back to past 😀

    • True.. 🙂

  14. I too love to wear saree…. but I find it difficult to maintain…. I wear it with so many pins here and there… 🙂

    • lol! I used to be like that… them mom taught me the right way to wear it. All it takes is three strategically used pins and a little skill.. 😉

  15. You looked great in a saree at the Indiblogger Mumbai meet. Knew that you must be a saree fan.

    Saree is the most beautiful attire for women but lots of working women find it too cumbersome. Good to see you promoting it.

    • Thanks Kevin…
      I’m glad so many men support my argument that a saree is a beautiful attire…

  16. Mi jevhaa lagna karel naa… AaNi jar majhi baayako saaDi avoid karat asel naa tevhaa mi tilaa he vaachaayalaa deil ha 🙂 aaNi tilaa saaDi nesaayalaa shikavaayalaa tulaa bolavel mi 🙂

    • lol… chaalel…

  17. A sari is a versatile garment, it makes you feel sensuous and makes for great office wear as well. Now that I’ve stopped working I miss wearing my sarees.
    And I have a huge collection! Can’t help buying them, they are such timeless classics.

    Love the saree you are posing in.

    • Hey thanks! That was my grandmom’s saree. Really old and the silk became fragile… It’s damaged now but I still have it.. 🙂

  18. Whatever reason you may have to wear a saree, you are looking gorgeous in it! Sorry if it sounds obscene to you, when speaking of reasons for wearing a saree I am reminded of Khushwant Singh’s reason that it is ‘functional’. Good post.

    • haha!! I’m sure a lot of ppl would agree… ..

  19. Have to admit u luk lovely in the sari even though as a mother to twins it’s completely prohibitive for me.. I can just see them either running away with my sari or getting in/under it and ruining the whole sexy/stylish endeavour. Bring on the jeans/tights for another few years.

    • hahaha!!! I can imagine! Good luck with the twins… 🙂

  20. Agree there is something about the sari that makes you elegant outwardly and inwardly in a jiffy but for women whose jobs require a variety of movements, I think it’s a no-no…unless you don’t mind flashing a little leg and some curves every once in a way. For sitting at a desk, it is the best.

    • Dear Naliniji,

      Flashing legs may not be possible in a sari, but no other dress can flash the curves as effectively as the sari. I don’t know for sure, but it may be the way in which it is worn that gives me such an impression.

    • true… But then again, I do wear a saree to work every once in a while… and I sure do need to move about a lot in the course of my work. I never felt that The garment affected me too much…

  21. Fully agree with you. Since I don’t get many chances to drape one here, I try to make full use of the chances I get 😉
    And, yes I get all the attention (more than what I need actually) when I am in saree 😉 Especially, if it is a non Indian evening function cos I am different than the others 😉
    Next week, I will be in India again, it is going to be yet another saree shopping spree 🙂

    Beautiful post. 😀 😀 😀

    • thanks!! Glad you liked it…. also, enjoy your spree!!

  22. 🙂 🙂 Smiled all the way through the post. And yes, I second your thoughts too! I guess the main reason why most women today (includes me, ahem.. ahem..) are not comfy with sarees as an all-day wear is because unlike our grandmoms, we had a lot more inviting and easier attire to choose from when we were in the early teens, the so called formative years. You ask my grandmom, and she would return a thunder-struck expression at the fact that girls actually go around the whole day wearing skinny jeans today. She thinks trousers are way too uncomfortable. 🙂

    • lol!! So does my grandmom… and my mom!! but since I compensate by wearing sarees, they don’t have too many objections… 😉

  23. Women look gorgeous in Sarees.Its a blend of traditional as well as modern clothing.

  24. U look gorgeous in sari!! I looove saris too, but simply cannot wear them with grace, so I am content with admiring them off the shelves or stacked away neatly in the cupboard!!!

    • I’d be glad to help in case you need any… 🙂

  25. Dear Miilee,
    I wore a sari for the first time to my friend’s wedding. My mother is Indian but my father is black [I am Jamaican where there is a lot of intermarrying between both races]. She has always encouraged me to wear one but I have always felt I would be a ‘fraud’ for doing so.

    Well I took the plunge last week and I must admit it is the MOST BEAUTIFUL I have ever looked! It was a beautiful blue silk sari and it really just made me feel so pretty- even my posture improved just be having it on. And it was surprisingly quite comfortable.

    I will DEFINITELY be making future sari purchases and I just wish I had listened to my mother sooner!

    Much Love

    • Hey! Glad you liked wearing the saree..!! I became a fan at age 5 when I wore one for the first time. My mom looks beautiful in sarees…. I always wanted to look like her.. 🙂

  26. I once wore a saree for a fancy dress competition. The rest is history and what legends of are made off!

    Sarees suit you well! I don’t think I know too many women of our age who can even tie one properly!

  27. 5 Reasons Why I Wear Sarees, very good reasons u described & i very much like ur dis reason dat (one basic reason why I love my Sarees; I’m proud of being an Indian and I glorify in wearing what is truly a part of its heritage.) one more reason i want to add dat sarees also create a respect towards a women.

  28. In my opinion.. its not just a traditional wear anymore.. there are a hundred different ways to drape a saree, suited for every occasion (Yes, still cannot wear it to a pub :(() The prints are also a factor to deciding the figure.. it recommended that a large print for a slim girl, would bring out her figure well.. and a small print would help hide the extra fat.. well, even a fatty would look chic in a saree (that is when draped well).. I agree with every reason that you have pointed out

    • Glad you liked the post.. ::)

  29. Ya wearing saree is awesome but i dono 2 wear saree ……………….I just wana wear sarry 4 my freshers party how i gonna wear and maintain it I dont know………………………..

    • I’m pretty sure you’ll find videos online to show how to wear it… And just don’t be self conscious! Enjoy yourself! You’ll do just fine! And post us a picture of yourself in the amazing Saree if you can… 🙂

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