Posted by: miilee | November 26, 2010

Living Through Words…

I’m sure all of us have at some point, woken up in the morning and wished for life to be different. Some of us would have wished for better love lives; some for a better family and I think most of us must have fantasized about having super powers or some exemplary talent.

Why, even I have imagined myself being an exemplary orator, holding the attention of thousands with a rapturous, ground breaking, earth shattering, world-changing speech as a consequence of which, the earth is saved from all the catastrophic ends it faces today. But that fantasy collides head on with my current reality; a fresh graduate working in a TV production house who spends most of her waking moments furrowing her brow over finances, future planning or something of the sort.

That is where my writing comes to my rescue. As I live my life, I see the flaws in it; the things I should have done or the things I wish I could do. That’s when I pick up my pen and start writing a character. Any character. It could be a Miranda Priestly like character; hard-headed, single mindedly perfect, cold and Calvinistic. Super successful and highly respected. Or it could be a single mother coping with her teenage son’s moods with the ebb and flow of her financial tidal movements. Or it could be a struggling artist who finds his break….

There is a world of people up there in my pen. They all reflect a part of me; the wishful me, the hopeful me, the dejected, stressed me, the joyous, carefree me. The me that cannot come out and express as is for some reason. The me that screams into her pillow or the me that blushes deeply under the appreciating gaze of a handsome young guy. The man-like me, who wallops people for eve teasing. The rebel me who lashes out against things. The pensive me who thinks things through before batting an eye lid. The cold, precise me, as to the point as a knife. The chatty, bubbly me who’d rant on if there’s the slightest sign of anyone listening.

They are all me somewhere. The me that is as well as the me that I would want to be. I can be all of them through my characters. I write that ‘me’ onto a paper, give her a name and let her tell a story of her own… and there it is… a life I wanted to live, lived as a character…

Well, in a world where we are destined to live life only once, this is as close as it could get to living it many many folds over…



  1. just stopped to say a hi…you hav vivid thoughts of your life here… somehow seems striking at some points..

    cu around

    • thanks….

  2. hello Milee
    When someone has the ability to express her dreams so perfectly in writing then the author can solidify her thoughts and as u rightly said the author live in that dream while the character or the story unfolds. Once the creation is born she must have lived with that character fully. This results in new dreams and its time to move on to become the next character. Somehow these thoughts jell exactly with what some famous writers have expressed.

    You write really well and almost all your ramblings, stories etc are really very well compiled.

    One day you might have a long and dramatic dream, which might turn out to a thrilling novel worth publishing. So keep dreaming and keep penning, who knows one day we might see a book with your name on it.
    Thanks and regards

    • thanks for the show of faith! I sure hope I can put together something worth publishing some day……:)

  3. You remind me of me 15 years back….exactly the same thoughts….almost the same job profile….similar riot of emotions…the only difference being – u have put it down in so eloquently that I can actually visualise your routine 🙂 Keep blogging!!! It’s a lovely space you have out here….hope to visit soon again 🙂

    • Hi Vandana! Welcome to my blog… Thanks a lot for the compliments….I’m glad you liked it… 🙂

  4. you wrote your dream so well that even I could relate it to myself.very expressive you are!

    • Welcome to my blog, Pratibha ji! I’m glad you liked this piece of writing… 🙂

  5. Wonderful Milee i like the choice of the words, great job. Hey you wanna write for chicken soup books? Specially for a single soul and corporate soul? do let me know.

    • Hey, that sounds interesting! I’d love to write for them….. Lived my teens reading those books!!

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