Posted by: miilee | November 30, 2010

Pen, Ideas and I…

I can’t think of anything to write. I mean, I want to post a blog post but I can’t think of anything to write about. It is like all the Ideas that generally put themselves into an orderly format and queue up to be written down are simply refusing to maintain any decorum… like a bunch of drunken soldiers who refuse to line up at the whistle.

So I’m just writing away, hoping that something interesting comes up… I’d done this before and had come up with the best posts I’d ever written.

It is like the sibilance of the nib on the paper is like a mating call to the Ideas; that seems to knock more sense into them than the disciplinarian command I issue. It gives me the odd feeling that all my Ideas are male… and the Pen is a female. Makes sense that way na… I pick a cup of coffee and sit on the terrace, beckoning those ideas but nothing happens. But the moment I touch my pen to the page, something seems to happen. You know those Hindi Movie scenes where a hot babe in a short skirt enters a class and the whole bunch of rowdy idiots who were refusing to collectively look at the professor, turn in unison and follow each move of those long, bare legs like it were a crucial hit in a football match. Yeah. That very scene, I see with my Pen and those Ideas. I spend over an hour and two large mugs of coffee and an assortment of chocolates and they don’t even throw me a glance. But enter the Pen and she has all their attention! Huh…. *Sulks*

Look how they creep in stealthily… from behind the pages, over my shoulder, sneaking from beneath my chair and inching towards the paper from the other end of the table. I’m the one wooing them but the Pen gets all the credit!

So I put the pen down with a snap. There. Hope it hurt her…. and sure enough, the ideas scurried away like rats do at the sound of a cat’s approach. Serves them right. Didn’t Shakespeare say: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” ?

Yeah well, I am a scorned woman all right! I loved them and tended to them even in the middle of the night. If they cried and woke me up, I’d sleepily put them on paper without paying heed to Sleep’s tempting seduction. It was I who fed them with knowledge and wiped away the drool of bad grammar from their mouths. I put them up on blogs and on Facebook and other places so they get the right exposure… I took all the pains but look what I get in return; insolent brats lolling their tongues at the whim of a Pen….

Then I looked at the Pen. She lay quietly on my book. Innocently waiting for me to begin writing again….

And my anger calmed…

It wasn’t her fault, was it? She was a good, faithful one. She never objected much to what I penned down as long as I kept her well inked. She’d seen me through my gentle, romantic moments when she glided along the page, putting down a verse or two for me…. She’d been there in my tough times when she embodies my anger and frustration and scratched the page black for me. She’s pushed me to write in exams and she’s hung on tight even when the keyboard of the laptop pulled me closer. She had faith in me when even I didn’t and she’s never let me down herself. She’s made me proud. So what if the Ideas come only on her beckoning? Doesn’t she twirl them and make them prance to my advantage? So she’s a little more attractive to them… but together, they all make me look so good! None of them ever claim credit. But when I stand on the stage on Life and receive applause, they are all standing in the wings with a cake, beaming at me and clapping the hardest….



  1. this happens lot of times with me..
    beautifully expressed. 🙂

    • Finally!! A Comment!!! Thanks!!

  2. You are brilliant writer gal !! Every time i see a post on yours in my mail box i am forced to forget of other things and read it .. though i do take more time in reaching here to comment 😉

    but i swear, you entertain and inspire me to no end !!

    • Thanks so much! I am humbled! I m so happy you liked the post… 🙂

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