Posted by: miilee | December 11, 2010

Meet my second baby!

Ok folks, it’s been a while since I started a second blog; not because this one wasn’t enough. There were two reasons.

1. There are small snippets of thoughts that come to me which don’t exactly go with the tone of this blog; where I place pieces of carefully written posts. So a second blog, for the more brief thoughts written in a hurry felt like a good idea.

2. BigRock, one of the sponsors at the Indiblogger Mumbai meet were kind enough to give us all free domains for a year.

So putting the two together, I’d started a new blog and since I wrote for it during my commute to and from work, I called it ‘The Rush Hour Pages’

It is my second baby and I’d love you to meet him!

You’ll find him at ‘



  1. heyy the best n intresting part to me is the name u’ve given to ur new baby..
    ‘rush hour pages’ .. :))
    All the best to you n looking frwd to more n more intresting babies (read blogs*) from you.. 😛

    • thanks Priyanka! I hope I get enough time to write… love writing… but need to work too.. 😉

  2. Initially, I got confused with “new baby”..! 😉
    Loved the ideas in it (yes, the title is indeed catchy!), plus we get more things to read from u…!
    Keep it up..! 🙂

    • Thanks sameer! I hope you live the other baby just as much!

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