Posted by: miilee | December 13, 2010

The Cry of the Genius…

They gave you my mind, to coach and to train
I gave you my trust; my heart and my brain.
But my faith you betrayed; and I stood shattered.
My ambition lay broken; the shards of it scattered.

I had a story to tell but you took away my voice.
I had a fire in me but you killed it with despise.
There was a historian in me but you scared him away
I was a genius inside; but you let me decay.

You lay siege over my heart with a dread for the books
and poor Math and Science; of them you made crooks.
with exams and scores and assignment sheets.
you plumbed out my soul and put chains on my feet.

My mind was in pain; it shouted for aid.
you were negligent with me, but that price I paid
My dream; she struggled, wilted and died quietly
I stand by her grave now; they call it a ‘degree’.

I was fortunate enough to meet some brilliant teachers in the later half of my student life; one of them being my mother. But I have been witness to the death of the intellect of so many of my contemporaries that it often makes me want to cry. I myself had a set of really bad teachers in the formative years of my life before a new school rescued me. But by that time, it was too late as far as Math and Science were concerned; I had already developed a phobia for those. Now, when I read books like those by Bill Bryson about the beauty of science, how wistfully I wish I had a teacher who’d have held my hand and walked me through the wonder land of the history of knowledge. I probably would have taken up Physics had my mind not been traumatized that cruelly and I probably would have done well. It makes me think of the number of mathematicians, scientists, historians and writers that have been sacrificed at the altar of negligent teaching. And this blood bath of knowledge continues today; year after year millions of students walk off the graduation plank; like lemmings dropping into the raging tidal waves; never to rise again….



  1. A very good poetry..! da last four lines are awsome..n gud luk fr ur new bolg..jst seen that.

  2. I feel and share your agony and pain,
    To stand together in this hail and rain;
    Maybe one day these clouds will part,
    Education will again be a longing art.

  3. Awesome! Trust me, the same feelings will come back after a few years of work too. It would then be up to the individual how he chooses to look at it – in despair at the opportunity lost, or in hope of achieving something better! Very nice flow to the poem though!

  4. The poem’s awesome…! I was lucky enough to get into the flow of science, and didn’t get “traumatized” by it, so may be ‘lucky enough’ to be in this field… 😉
    Though such feelings creep into everyone’s minds, everything good about others careers – like say I feel sometimes that I’d have done better, had I been a doc… 🙂

    • Oh no! That’s not what I meant! I love my career! I love being in the creative industry! It is just that I don’t like having a mental block against anything. And I do have a block against Math and Science. I wish I could be friendly around numbers like it actually is supposed to be!

      • Hahaa…! That’s what I’m claiming myself to be “lucky” for…! 😉

  5. Well written — i share the sentiment

  6. neat work.
    reminds me of another poem ‘Little Boy’ by Helen Buckley …–>

  7. too beautiful..

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